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A screenwriting teacher is forced to live out the plot of a screenplay idea he stole from a student, who now seeks revenge.

A screenwriting teacher is forced to live out the plot of a screenplay idea he stole from a student, who now seeks revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory P (nl) wrote: I'll watch anything with Elizabeth Shue in it!

Dave S (nl) wrote: This is what films need to be. I've watched this movie I don't even know how many times, and I still don't completely understand it. The movie is sheer brilliance. It's sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!April 2017 and I still leave this movie trying to figure it out. I of course went and read several theories about what the meaning is. I was thinking I might not like it as much as I used to, but by the time the movie was over, I was back to understanding why I love it so much. The soundtrack is great and I don't even like 80's music. All of the acting is good. It has a great cast. Young Jake Gylenhaal and Seth Rogen too! Drew Barrymore is hot. Patrick Swayze is dead now.... Great cast beyond those too etc. The writer/director obviously deserves much credit and praise although I don't know why he was never able to come close to the awesomeness of this movie. Of course the Frank costume is one of my favorites. It is a classic icon in my opinion.

Anthony L (jp) wrote: Of all the pointless sequels that have been made, Blues Brothers 2000 is probably the most pointless. It's incredibly misguided, did it make any money? I've never heard a good word said about it anyway, everyone involved should be ashamed. Even the array of amazing musicians couldn't save it. Just awful, especially when you compare it to the fantastic original.

Lisa S (de) wrote: I loved a lot of things about this movie, but there are just two things in the end of the film which made me unable to rate it a full 5 stars. I loved how this film addressed the unemployment crisis in America. I loved that Emilio Estevez directs and stars in this movie. I loved Emilio's character, he was a hero to me too! I loved the comedy in the movie. And then the ending had to go ruin it for me. I still think this is a good movie, and everyone should check it out.

James R (gb) wrote: This appears to be a Western about the lawman Wyatt Earp.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: The chemistry is there, and the cast is near flawless, but what separates this movie from a movie of the same rite like The Big Chill is the fact that this movie doesn't do much to help. The Big Chill spoke to the solace and love that's found in friendship in the midst of tragedy, but About Alex only uses suicide as a plot device to get all the characters in one location.The performances are stellar though. Specifically from the wildly talented Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfeld, who has never been better.I also really appreciate Jess Zwick's direction, just not so much his script beyond moments of clever dialogue. He embraces the opportunity to allow chemistry between his actors without sacrificing the visual storytelling.Overall, it's a well-directed and very well-acted piece of filmmaking. It just brings up to many glaringly obvious comparisons to films like The Big Chill and St. Elmo's Fire, both of which handle the subject matter to much better avail. I enjoyed it, but not enough to make me want to recommend it to others.

Josephine F (ru) wrote: Ah..Heart of Darkness...I see the resemblance now...Great movie and fun anthropological jokes... Worth a good giggle or two

Carlos M (it) wrote: The biggest problem with this witless, excruciating movie is that it feels almost impossible to have any sympathy for such an odious old lady (is she supposed to be adorable in her annoying eccentricity? I can't tell), and I couldn't wait to see her die so it would be finally over.