Messieurs les enfants

Messieurs les enfants

To punish three troublemakers, Albert Castraing, their French teacher, gives them an essay to do, in which they must imagine what their lives would be if they were suddenly transformed into... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha C (br) wrote: The kids were great but some of the parents were really awful. Awful.

Luke H (es) wrote: I didn't know anything about Renato Vallanzasca, the charismatic Italian mobster, before I watched Angels of Evil and I can't say I know a great deal about him after watching this clumsy, clichd biopic. First and foremost the dialogue is dreadful, this coupled with two-dimensional performances makes comparisons with A Prophet and Gomorrah laughable. A closer comparison would be Mesrine but lacks the bite and charm that made it's French counterpart a compelling watch.Not Great.

Shenae F (au) wrote: l want to see it again.

Jarrett M (au) wrote: Finally, someone was able to tell a story called Resident Evil that does justice to it's source material. See, it is possible to do an original story, yet keep it within the realms of what defines Resident Evil as Resident Evil. Perhaps I'm splitting hairs here, but this is a considerably more faithful adaptation of the games than the live-action films ever were. That said, there are still issues with this movie. The writing falls into the cheesy dialogue trap and the pace of the film is pretty uneven, with the midpart of the movie dragging considerably over the opening and closing setpieces. Speaking of which, the opening zombie outbreak in the airport and the Tyrant battle in the labs at the end are impressive and are excellent representations of the games upon which this is based. The animation is acceptable, but subpar when held up against other animated films of this era. The story here is original in comparison to the games, but does serve as somewhat of a bridge between the events of the games RE4 and RE5. For the purpose of a film though, the story is on the weak side, and the narrative gets uneccesarily convoluted in the middle of the movie, but it is still followable. If you're a fan of the games, especially Resident Evil 2, check this out. If you're a fan of the games, and not the movies, check this out. If you know nothing of the games and like the movies, check this out, you may enjoy it. If you know nothing of the games, but are curious about them, check this out for a more acurate representation the the live action films. This is still a considerably flawed film, but one that was made for the fans. And as a fan, I say thank you. Keep 'em coming.

Nathan M (ru) wrote: Or Is that Peter Coyote?Writer/director Alex Gibney crafts his documentary about the rise and fall of America's most infamous company, Enron, in the same form as a Scorcesse or Oliver Stone picture. It's just as entertaining as either one of those auteurs' corporate gangster films, but it's far more informative. Unlike many documentaries that exist to inform and influence, Gibney seems content to simply put the audience in the room with the Enron executives.Now, this doesn't mean he doesn't paint a picture of these men as controlling, manipulative, and unethical villains who care more about profit than they do humanity. But instead of giving these men a sense of their own humanity, he condemns them as cruel and horrendous individuals. Gibney portrays Enron as a boys' club, and one that you wouldn't want to be a part of, no matter how much money you would make.It's a damning documentary that doesn't leave much room for sympathy for the executives, but neither has history. Does anyone really feel bad for Enron?

Brad M (it) wrote: It's are to see a movie of this caliber it's a very different movie from any other film. It's part Fantasy part commandy and part action and part something else that makes this movie unique. There isn't a boring character in this film. And there never a boring scene. It's the weirdest movie ever but it's weird in all the places that it needs to be. It doesn't trying to be any other movie this movie knows what it wants to be and it nails it.

Kyle G (ru) wrote: Unimpressed critics comment that if this were an American film, it would receive little attention. I agree, but I like this film for that reason; it is about a complex character's life in a different part of the world and is therefore interesting to me. It's also from an inside perspective, being directed by a South African, and I see that as a good testament to the authenticity of the film's message.

Ben S (ru) wrote: If you want to know why the '60s died, look no further than this movie. Everyone involved (musicians and audience) appear to be going through the motions. The '60s has devolved into a bad imitation of itself. Depressing.

Pablo G (br) wrote: What is probably one of Lynchs most straight forward films, and also the one with the most prominent and obvious horror elements, Lost Highway relies mostly on its story and characters, both of which are well laid out and explained, which helps to give a necesary sense of mystery and intrigue to this most peculiar, though in comparison not as revolutionary, film.

Facebook U (jp) wrote: Weirdly boring, in spite of well realised effects and some hammed up villainy. The fellow with the skeletal tattoos who has appeared prominently in the posters and such literally only has one or two lines, has a screentime of less than a minute, and has no bearing on the plot.

Dan P (ca) wrote: "Rogue Male" deserves a modern day remake. The story is superb.

Dave S (mx) wrote: Well, at least I can say this movie is better than the one that came out in 2015. There were some good things about this movie, but they didn't come near the amount of bad things. I liked Mr. Fantastic's hair and overall look. The Thing was actually my favorite of the 4 in this movie even though Reed Richards is my favorite in the comics. This story even seemed to focus more on Ben Grimm than anyone else, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. He had the strongest character in the film. The Invisible Woman was more like the one dimensional woman. She seemed more like a sex symbol than anything. The Human Torch was decent, but still pretty shallow. It's a relatively shallow character to begin with though. Dr. Doom was not intimidating at all. The story was really pretty generic. The special effects were pretty good for their time. Overall this film felt too hollywood. It was over modernized and sexualized. They should have catered more to the nerds with this film. If you're a big fan of the Thing, then this movie might be pretty decent for you.