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Mitchell M (us) wrote: Over rated tho it was an interesting movie and plot

Luke R (it) wrote: donnie yen, but not at his greatest :s

Bart E (us) wrote: The performances of Cromwell and Bujold are Oscar worthy. Superb. That's all.

Dimity P (us) wrote: One of the most heart-breaking movies I've ever seen. It made me really think about forgiveness and atonement and I wondered what my reaction would be in a similar situation. Makes me happy for the laws we have in the states regarding images and identification of minors.

Samir S (jp) wrote: A time for Romance...

Bobby D (jp) wrote: I've watched a lot of these type of films from various political sources as I'm always fascinated by Propoganda in the true sense of the word meaning to relay a convincing arguement and I'm suprised by this particular film. Usually, when the subject of the Federal Reserve the films tend to get into Alex Jones territory with a lot of hype but Russo who was a major film producer presents evidence, testimony, historical perspective top create a compelling arguement that America in 1913 was essentially duped into a cuop by some industrious bankers who stole America's gold supply and are now secretly running the country using America's 2 largest political parties as a 3 card Monty game. The visual arguement breaks down a bit when declaring that said bankers invoke tentaments from Communism. Communism? I can see why a group of men would want to run a country but communism is opposite of everything they stand for, with absolutely no private property. It seems really bizarre that private bankers going to this much truble with appears to be a 100- 200 year plan to create a despotic world government would simply give up thier own possesions. Fascism or more accurately Corporatism aka 21st century Feudalism appears to be making a come back with the simple motto: He who owns the gold makes the rules."

Brittany P (fr) wrote: I dunno, this whole time I was just not adapting to Meg Ryan's character. Don't get me wrong, I love this woman, but she just doesn't strike me as the "I'll kick your butt cause I'm from New York" type. She's not that convincingly tough, to be honest. And it's too bad, because I would have loved to see the turn around.

Ellen T (fr) wrote: What a find! Saw it on Chiller! All the actors are superb, especially the impersonation of Max Shreck. A must for any vampire cultist!

Michael W (fr) wrote: This is a great comedy from a golden age of SNL. Farley and Sandler are great in it as is David Arquette and Michael Richards tried very hard. One of the best characters is Marshall Bell's swat chief.

Forrest K (au) wrote: Herzog and Kinski's last film together is a stunning and fitting end to a legendary collaboration. It's the sort of film that I can't imagine being made nowadays, and certainly couldn't be made without the combined creative insanity of those two. Kinski plays another in a long line of characters who are entirely unlikeable and yet utterly enthralling. Though his actions are all deplorable, he demands a begrudging respect in much the same way a salivating grizzly would. We follow Francisco from his start as a loathed Brazilian bandit all the way to his unlikely end as a slave baron in Africa. As usual, Herzog doesn't spare humanity's ugliest moments, while paradoxically admiring a man who does what he must to survive and thrive in impossible circumstances.

Art S (ru) wrote: The film somehow feels like a blend between a Kirk Douglas personal project (with its leftist anti-war sentiment and crusading role for Kirk) and a Kubrick film (with its intensely art-directed shots and set-ups). It also switches between grubby WWI trenches where soldiers get shell-shocked and the posh Versailles-like palace where the generals talk. The plot takes the form of a classic morality play (and could have been scripted for the stage, except for the graphic realism on the battlefield) but, unlike in those works that feature heavy moral choices that create extreme tension, the right way to act is clear here. The generals are wrong in their decisions to: a) order the regiment to leave the trenches to try to take an impossible-to-take German position; b) hold a court-martial to try three "randomly selected" men for cowardice in the face of the enemy; c) offer no mercy when the pre-ordained verdict is death. Kirk is both the commanding officer immediately beneath the most unfair general and the self-appointed defense attorney for the men. He fights in vain against a wayward and biased system that shines a light on just how absurd and brutal warfare is (especially in that it allows some to pursue selfish aggrandizement at the expense of others). One could argue that the absurdity has even been magnified and increased in these days of drone-attacks and high-tech combat. Bottom line: war is sickening.

Venesa C (fr) wrote: The Prison Break Micheal Scolfield, True Lies Anold, The Specialist Stallion and Sharon Stone, Desperate Housewives Mr & Mrs Smiths Angelina Jolie

Ral G (gb) wrote: Est bien que, de vez en cuando, nos baen con dosis de realidad amorosa en el mundo del cine; que no todo sean finales felices y amores fructferos.

bill b (mx) wrote: Its ok...But the previous title "MOTHER" was such a horrible one.

Nickie L (au) wrote: A naughty lady swans about shocking 50s Brighton, shouting 'up your bum' a lot.

chris a (us) wrote: It is completely and utterly out of this world crazy and dumb, but it's B grade films like that this that still make me believe someone out there is making a movie for the fun of it. Because this is all that this is. The young leads in Braun, Davis and Fadem make for a fun ride of an utterly ridiculous plot but really behind all the layers there is some of points and heart to the film. Don't expect anything great if your going to watch it, but if you like B grade, it's perfect.