Metal Brothers

Metal Brothers

Bröderna Hårdrock is a film about two brothers who are planning a heavy metal convention in their sleepy village. Their mother, the village priest, worries about them and wants them to settle down and have families. A young female teacher and line dance instructor in the village sets both their hearts beating faster and, unaware of each other's feelings, they enter a battle to win her affections.

The priest Gunilla is trying get her adult sons Thor and Odin, who is obsessed with Hardrock, to move away from home. They refuse to leave and start a family. But when Jenny, the village ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DArcy F (gb) wrote: Really great film tear jerker lol but great acting and plot.

Lora R (ru) wrote: Great performance by Mahesh Babu, but I wasn't that impressed with the story. It was the typical gang story with one man fighting 20 people. The background love story was sort of superficial.

Karl H (gb) wrote: It gets a half a star for some of the mac history but otherwise pretty much sucked. No inside interviews, only mac fanatics to give an incredibly biased look into macs.

Phil D (us) wrote: A ok film bout the loch ness a couple of good gore sences the foreign bird losing her head was quite funny not bad 4 a b-movie

Carlton W (ag) wrote: Buena pelicula, sonido fatal (quiza la sala donde la v)...muy buena actuacin

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A very moving film about the working class youth in the 80's but focuses on one young boy being brainwashed into becoming a skinhead, The acting was great but the script felt sloppy in places and the story even though was gripping didn't really go anywhere and the ending was predictable and abit lackluster, The humour added was just enough to keep it feeling fresh, Overall it's a good film just overhyped mainly down to the plot not going anywhere.

Shajie K (br) wrote: Loved Hrithik as always! but i think they should have given the heroine a stronger character also costumes for when he leaves the village could have been better. However this is the first Indian super hero that India has taken to and a great one too. Can't wait for the next movie.

emily b (ag) wrote: i loved this movie. i watched it everytime it came on.

Diana W (ca) wrote: love it! one of the best coming of age films! i love the young samantha, quirky and weird. reminds me of myself when i was about her age. just a simple ordinary storyline without all of those cheesy action/romance/thriller, but it's enough to get me feeling all those warm fuzzy homey feelings... the soundtrack is also worth listening to! my favourite have to be stevie wonder's signed, sealed, and delivered as well as tony orlando & dawn's knock three times.

Kyle R (nl) wrote: If you hate greatness, then stay away from this great gem.

Jameson A (fr) wrote: I like the new ine but this one no.......

Kristal C (au) wrote: I love that zombie ape man was smarter than 90% of the passengers on the train. It's funny because it's true. Also, Telly Savalas = the greatest Russian soldier by-way-of Brooklyn EVER.

Brian C (fr) wrote: With Edward Robinson giving an excellent performance as the witty and smooth-talking lead, this pre-Caper genre film is full of fun and laughs!

Tomer H (fr) wrote: Jeff Who Lives at Home benefits from the typical Duplass indie formula and a great lead performance from Jason Segel, but is brought down by the exhausting sitcom-y cinematography.