A geneticists working on a drug to stop ageing tries it upon himself with horrendous consequences.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   police,   beating,  

Dr. Peter Houseman is a brilliant geneticist who is working on a serum which will stop human aging, but his colleagues don't believe in his work. When his university funding is threatened ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will L (de) wrote: It isn't the breath of fresh air that 'Bridesmaids' was, but it's consistently funny, and its heart is in the right place. Its two leads are very funny and have great chemistry, its supporting cast manages some good contributions, and while the writing is a bit sloppy at times, the direction is sleek and stylish.

Kayla H (au) wrote: Decent independent film. It's unique and depicts an interesting story of a boy who grows up in a broken home due to alcoholism

Paul K (kr) wrote: I just do not really see the humor in this movie. The only way this film would make sense if it starts a backstory explanation.

Jonathan G (au) wrote: Okay this one is a disappointment it's just leprechaun back kills people set in Vegas and lacks the humour of others overall Warwick Davis is still great

Adam R (es) wrote: An entertaining sports comedy with Rodney Dangerfield as a soccer coach. (First viewing - Teen years)

Eric N (ru) wrote: When i saw this I knew Zhang Yimou was an utter genius on a Kubrick and Spielberg level. Any fan of film has to see it.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Rob Lowe and Demi Moore give a relationship the college try. Much of their time together is spent arguing about each other's best friends; who are constantly attempting to sabotage their relationship. Unbearable.

Michael S (jp) wrote: A milestone of Swedish cinema history and european cinema bu JanTroell and with Liv Ullmann and Max Von Sydow unforgettable as Kristina frn Duvemla og her Karl-Oskar. Vilhelm Mobergs novel was later the basic for the acclaimed musical Kristina Frn Duvemla by the ABBA-guys Ulvaeus and Andersson and starring Helene Sjholm and Peter Jback (as Robert)

Amari S (nl) wrote: Overview: A group of college friends congregate after one of their friends attempt suicide.Trigger Warning(s): Suicide topics and imageryReview (with Spoilers)It is very weird to see a film about suicide. If just because, to a certain degree, it forces you to realize how odd of a subject it is to approach. Like in the film, we watch Jason Ritter's character, post-suicide attempt, gain this weird peaceful look. A look which reminds you that suicide is caused by many things, but part of the reason comes from a call for help unanswered. Sometimes by friends or even a higher power. Leading to the question: is this film worth seeing or perhaps it should be skipped?Characters & StoryAfter having a bit of a downward spiral due to finances, among other things, Alex (Jason Ritter) decided to slit his wrists. Something he seemed to regret doing for he calls an ambulance for himself, as well as his friend Ben (Nate Parker) (1) who orchestrates a meeting of all of Alex's old friends. This includes Josh (Max Greenfield), a bitter PHD candidate who seems to hate everything and everyone, though probably fears his own company for too long; Siri (Maggie Grace) who is Ben's current girlfriend, the girl Josh wanted before Ben met her; Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), who is an attorney who Josh messed around with since he couldn't have Siri; Isaac (Max Minghella) who is the richest of the group and often clashes with Josh; and then, focusing on Ben, Ben is the one who introduced Alex to everyone and seems to be Alex's rock. Though not when he was in a deep need for his friendship.Leading us on what may feel like a familiar journey of college friends having a reunion, thanks to tragedy, in which their romantic entanglements come out; a lot of sex and drama happens; and ultimately you are left with a sense of hope for the characters, but aren't sure if it may last.PraiseWhen it comes to this movie, I was really only familiar with Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield, who both really present themselves as actual actors, and oddly enough didn't approach their roles as one character fits all. Something which sort of shocked me, especially for Plaza, for it showed she had range. Aside from those two I must admit no one else really stood out, but they did present an interesting story and will keep you interested throughout. If just because you'll likely feel most of the characters are developed to the point where perhaps only Siri feels underdeveloped. Ben is a writer whose life isn't how he wants, and now has Siri who he loves, but is sort of growing apart from; Josh looks at Ben as this golden child who got everything he wanted, including things Josh himself wanted; Sarah is professionally successful, but romantically a mess; and Isaac we don't learn a huge amount about, but with his girlfriend Kate (Jane Levy) joining him, and through his interactions with Sarah, while his background may not be developed, through his relationships with Sarah and Kate we do get to know and understand him. Also, I should note, Levy's character, despite not being central to the story, is certainly interesting since she plays a 22 year old, just getting her career started, who is around a bunch of late 20 year somethings who are jaded, in their careers, and she is the outsider dating one of their friends.CriticismAs confrontational as Josh is in the film about Alex's suicide, I feel that this film for some reason glazes over Alex's suicide just a bit too much so that everyone else's drama can get established and developed. With this though, Alex just becomes a catalyst for bringing everyone together and is largely forgotten about. And truly, after watching the film, only Sarah and Josh really stand out and everyone else strangely feel like their co-stars. Part of the reason is because Josh says things which get your attention, and Sarah is presented as more human than anyone in the film. For, in my opinion, as much as everyone does get the chance to be developed, between the information being boring, and their delivery not really getting my attention anyway, it really makes it so the film seems to sit on Plaza and Greenfield's shoulders.Like with Ben and Siri, they are made interesting due to Josh's jealousy, but take that away Josh from them and they lose any of their draw. The same goes for Isaac and Kate to a point, if Sarah wasn't pining over Isaac since she sees him as the one who she should have been with, then they also lose a lot of what kept them relevant. Though, again, the biggest victim is Alex since after his suicide attempt, pretty much Josh's callous ways, and Sarah trying to dote on him, are the sole reminders that what brought everyone together was him.Overall: TV ViewingPerhaps this maybe wrong to say, but in light of recent events I was hoping this film would really explore what leads a person to suicide and also how it effects the survivors in terms of the guilt associated with them perhaps being capable of preventing the suicide attempt, as well as trying to work with the person if they live. And while those topics are mentioned, they get drowned out in everyone's personal drama to the point you wonder why this movie is called About Alex when in truth it is more about everyone but him. Though, even with that said, this was a good movie to me and is very watchable. But, with it not really hitting the topic of suicide hard, and letting the would-be supporting characters end up the stars, I have to say this film deserves the "TV Viewing" label.

Dolores H (kr) wrote: Didn't quite hold my attention. Never wanted to watch it as a kid, and I haven't changed my opinion much about this movie since then.

Michael K (nl) wrote: Even though the film is set in one location (for the most part,) Scenic Route's script, and dialogue, not to mention acting keeps this movie intriguing. Although, the film starts of quick, there is a lag in the middle, but picks right back up to a great ending.