Based on a true story about a road crew that raced to build the road between Brasilia and Fortaleza and the unexpected events that unfold make this film funny, engaging, and a true gem.

In the early 1960's, a group of people responsible for the construction of the Brasilia-Fortaleza road is abandoned in the middle of the jungle by the Brazilian government, after the military coup. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey C (ca) wrote: Give this one a miss.I never say this about a movie and it's really hard when watching a children's movie to say it's bad because you never really expect them to be good, but this is all sorts of campy and dreadful. The child actors aren't what I'd call bad but their direction and the shots they have re just terrible. The story itself sound like a good idea but the movie focuses on such wrong things. The movie never explained how they got into the school dozens of times or why the video security system never caught them even though it was established that it EXISTS. The movie also passes over a dead brother and a cancer death like it was nothing not to mention how they could afford the elaborate "pranks" plus it forces so agresivly both a painful "love interest" and a douche ,terrible mother's boyfriend into the picture. She is never given once a reason to like him and seems so oblivious to him constantly putting down the children... Like who does that. I thought I would give it a shot before suggesting it to my mother to show my younger siblings, but that is never going to happen now. I never say don't watch a movie I always say just watch it once and then base your opinion on what you see, but this is honest to god a waste of time.

Ethan L (es) wrote: Despite the cast it is a bore.

Benedict L (nl) wrote: great war film, good plot, heavy tension. lots of focus on love, brotherhood, trust, sacrifice, force discipline, and the conflicts of them all. Better than war film just on combat, fights and battles.

Jason R (br) wrote: One of my favorite coming-of-age films ever. Much like how certain aspects of Boyz-n-the-Hood was embellished, this movie is no different.

kieran b (jp) wrote: i loved it, and the delivery of the jokes i like that lake is not a stereo typical beauty, shes was entertaining as Shirley and the rest of the cast. i knew it would be a little kitsch but nice if you just want to chill, not overly think and have laugh

Patrick S (fr) wrote: A must see! Wonderfully shot and well acted. Raul Julia is a legend, Griffin O'Neal steals the show.

Gene A (de) wrote: decent def my least fave of the series. not the same without Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Peter M (kr) wrote: Low budget and unoriginal, but quite entertaining and decently put together. A good solid action flick.