Meth Head

Meth Head

Kyle Peoples never wanted to be the man he has become in his 30s, an accountant stuck in a dead end job, with a lover who is more successful than he and a family that doesn't get him at all. So when a night of partying leads to a new family of friends and fun, Kyle sees an opportunity for escape from reality. But Kyle's new friendship with Maia and Dusty and the trio's love of crystal meth eventually cost Kyle his job, his companion, his home and his family. Kyle's escape becomes his trap, the party is an illusion and the crystal is slowly killing him, physically and psychologically. When he finally bottoms out and is no longer the young man his father once boasted about with pride, Kyle must choose: life or meth.

Kyle Peoples never wanted to be the man he has become in his 30s, an accountant stuck in a dead end job, with a lover who is more successful than he and a family that doesn't get him at all... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon C (us) wrote: Hyper-bloody and worthy of the series. Dispenses with found footage format, beautifully lit and the practical effects are first-rate. Nastiest use of an outboard engine since 'I Spit on Your Grave'. Dios mo!

Devon B (kr) wrote: A few good tense moments a midst crap

KittY N (ru) wrote: A bit like the Bollywood version of Serendipity? but it was really not so great.

Private U (ca) wrote: Beautiful cinematography coupled with some lovely characters. I loved very much.

Nadine B (fr) wrote: The parents were hilarious, and I enjoyed many parts of the movie, but was kind of bored in other parts, so it was a so-so for me.

Gavin P (mx) wrote: Turned it off before even watching half an hour of it.... Maybe i wasnt in the right mood to see it, might try again some time!

rhonda y (mx) wrote: I will always love Freddie and Julia. I grew up watching them and they are amazing actors. I can't believe that this movie got such a low score.

Alex F (au) wrote: Interesting to watch for the setting and the place. Pleasant.

Nellie K A (au) wrote: Pretty funny. Kids who don't want to go to school. Prof tries to educate them. In the south of Italy-poverty. Black Market-Child Labor...

TTT C (jp) wrote: (*** 1/2): Thumbs Up You don't hear too much about this film when discussing the people involved (namely Dafoe, Sarandon, and Schrader), but this is a very well-acted and sad film that is well-worth seeking out. It is not on DVD (as far as I know) but Netflix does have it for free streaming online.

Kevin R (de) wrote: Please, wake up!A fascinating picture about fraternities at black universities. A geeky pledge at a gamma fraternity goes through numerous initiations to join the gammas. Meanwhile, the geeky pledge's older cousin strongly disapproves of fraternities, but actually endorses his cousin pledging. There is also another sub plot about the older cousin breaking up with his girlfriend because she wants to join a sorority. "It takes a real man to be a gamma man, because only a real man is a gamma man." Spike Lee, director of Inside Man, She Hate me, 25th hour, Clockers, He Got Game, Girl 6, Jungle Fever, X, Do the Right Thing, She Gotta Have It, and Mo Better Blues, delivers School Daze. The storyline was interesting and worth following. I did like all of the characters and how they were portrayed. The ending was a flop. The acting was very solid and the cast includes Laurence Fishburne, Spike Lee, Giancarlo Esposito, Ossie Davis, and Joe Seneca."Fuck you, scrotum face!"I generally enjoy watching Spike Lee movies. They are fairly inconsistent with some being much better than others. This is an above average film that I enjoy watching unfold. It isn't as dramatic as Higher Learning or nearly as impactful, or as funny as Animal House. In terms of quality, this is a big step down. But this is entertaining and worth a viewing. "Roll call!"Grade: C+

Mike L (it) wrote: As a kid the Thunderbird TV show was spectacular fun, between the odd looking marionettes, the flying crafts, and the fantastic rescues it gave us something we had never seen before. The movie promised to give us what the TV show did plus more, unfortunately it does not live up to that promise. Stories that worked in a short format do not translate to a longer one and there are many times when nothing goes on in this movie. The dream sequence that includes what can only be described as a puppet music video is just bizarre even by the drug culture of the late 60's and ultimately it is a useless addition that should have been cut out at the storyboard phase of development. The culmination of the movie is that the Thunderbirds must rescue the Zero X after it runs into trouble coming back from Mars, another sequence where we ask if the trip was really necessary considering they spent about 5 minutes on the Martian surface. The Thunderbirds have a deserved cult following but it should be restricted to the TV show as only the most hardcore fans will enjoy this misguided adventure story.

Barry H (jp) wrote: This movie has a good performance from Jim Carrey and is well worth watching

Miguel S (au) wrote: Very well chosen cast with great quality on the actors and actresses performances. Flick with some important ideas like the struggle against the prejudice between people (Nazi stuff included). Other relevant social aspects are raised.Characters with very close to real mindsets that capture almost any real personality.Glocken is a key-character not just for the narrator parts but also for his understanding of life in general (and the interaction between almost all the important characters). The dog in this picture is priceless^^ (he is almost a character^^)This movie also contains very interesting love stories and a great ending.I don't give an extra star just for the lack of German language during the entire film (i think it wouldn't be a commercial success if it had German as the main language but that's just my opinion because the universe where this is happening begs for German).