Metido a Bacana

Metido a Bacana

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Dillon L (it) wrote: Nothing special not as good as the 1st

House M (br) wrote: This is a very interesting movie, a true love story, like normal people. it goes beyond the stereotipes. Michelle and Ryan have a truly amazing chemistry. Filmed in 16mm and written almost 8 years before it was shot, this is a very mature film that was done on a small budget, heavely improvised, with natural lightning. The outcome is fantastic. A must see for it's uniqueness.

Larry B (br) wrote: Somewhat inconclusive, with uneven character development, but enough of the latter to see the world just a bit through everyone's eyes--in the context of conflict all around (though another weakness is that it is not clear what this conflict is all about). The father-son conflict, and the old man's empathy for the family that has taken over his property (due to his son's betrayal), could definitely have been more developed. On the whole, a very intriguing film.

Keith C (au) wrote: Sometimes funny and interesting, but by the end it comes off as quite whiney.

DANNY S (gb) wrote: Very good little indie flick that doesn't go for the gore and Asian retread or CGI garbage that plagues so many horror movies these days. It caught our eye after it had good reviews and won some film festivals and then was announced to screen at Slamdance. It's a bit slow in the beginning and has some horror movie standards that we've all seen before but has a good pace and very spooky touches that were both creepy and fresh. If you like ghost / mystery stories with intelligence and quality then check this out. It was a nice surprise for such a no name movie with a low budget. Much better than a lot of the studio movies with 30 times the budget.

Chris H (jp) wrote: A highly enjoyable and truly unique horror comedy that features a strong performance from Bruce Campbell.

Jake D (nl) wrote: Growing up most of my classmates through out school had spoke of this film quite often, and one day I decided to check it out. WOW!!! This is a f*cked up movie. It's so weird, but it does have some enjoyable moments, and good performances, but be warned it is probably one of the weirdest films I've ever seen in my life.

Juan David C (es) wrote: Delightful, stunning, sarcastic, horrifying, beautifully written and handsomely acted.

Mark R (nl) wrote: Really puts yourself in the shoes of the giant and learn what it might be like if you were born a giant.

Taija H (mx) wrote: Yksi lempimusikaaleistani - tst ei elokuva juuri parane. Mahtipontiset musat, taidokkaat tanssit, hieno tarina, kylmt vreet, Argentiina, Madonna ja Antonia Banderas. I just love it._________Aiemmin kirjoitin:Tm on kyll niin paras elokuva! Musiikit ovat sen verran hyvt, ett kuuntelen niit aika ajoin kuulokkeista tisskin, mutta viel(kn) ei kyllstyt. Kyll Andrew Lloyd Webber osaa (vrt. mys Oopperan Kummitus). Kunnon mahtipontinen, sopivan surumielinen musikaali. Taustalla tositarina, mutta ylettmn palvonnan sijaanesitetn mys kritiikki (Antonio Banderasin hahmossa).

Ryan S (ag) wrote: 2.5/5. It's not bad, but not super interesting.

Rob M (it) wrote: As someone who loves Curb Your Enthusiasm but doesn't want to watch it for a fifth time, I thought this was a fun "Curb Your Enthusiasm Lite" to pass a chilly Spring evening. It was a reasonably entertaining film, a decent dose of Larry David and a good temporary fix while we wait for the 9th season.