After WW-2 the Estonian forests are full of armed groups - the forest-brothers who carry on the fight against communism. Soviet secret police sends spies among them. The spies are sent ...

After WW-2 the Estonian forests are full of armed groups - the forest-brothers who carry on the fight against communism. Soviet secret police sends spies among them. The spies are sent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: Barbara: "She drove me into a corner, then forced me to go beyond my limits. She made me confront the absolute: love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She dislocated me, transformed me. Why didn't anyone warn me? Why doesn't anyone ever talk about this?"Nicolas y Barbara estn enamorados y en muchos aspectos tienen una buena vida. Un poco ilusos y sin saber realmente lo que les espera deciden tener un beb, y al tomar esta decisin su relacin cambia para siempre. Son pocas las pelculas que hablan con honestidad sobre la maternidad y todo lo que conlleva, y definitivamente lo hacen ver como algo idlico pero es necesario mostrar la otra cara de la moneda, tal vez es por tab, ya que se supone que traer otra vida al mundo debera ser el mejor momento de la vida, pero a veces no resulta de esa manera, y est bien. Esta pelcula est contada a travs de los ojos de la mujer, lo cual es revelador, mientras que el papel del hombre queda de trasfondo, lo cual no es comn, y ojal ms pelculas tuvieran esta perspectiva. Ms que una historia, A Happy Event es la vida real, y esta contada sin tapujos o reservas. No hay censura alguna y es refrescante. En algunos momentos faltaba algo de desarrollo en las escenas ya que pasaba todo muy rpido y el final fue definitivamente lo ms flojo de toda la pelcula.

Jon S (ca) wrote: An emotional road trip with laughter, music and plenty of drama.

(kr) wrote: Sick but really good movie. A story of incomprehensible abuse delivered by an explosively violent mother of four. Journey through the mind of a child that experiences a living hell, defined and defended by the twisted religious beliefs of her mother.

Alister M (fr) wrote: I bought this movie because it featured wresting stars Rob Van Dam & Batista & I wanted to see how they would do in their acting debuts. I can say that I wasn't impressed. The movie is bad. The plot is simple but not exactly something interesting. It's the usual Ex-Marine who gets involved with a death & hunted down & has his daughter kidnapped & gets a friend to help him. Not very original. The plot is that Bobby (RVD) & his wife are invited to dinner with new neighbours. They go to a club where the owner is the main villian, who leaves & puts his younger brother in charge, who takes RVD's wife to the office. During a struggle, the brother is killed by his own knife & the main villian Seth puts a bounty on RVD'S head. Van Dam must fight his way through gangs & bodyguards to get his family & neighbours safe & calls his old friend Ronnie(Batista) for help. There are some stunts with knives, guns, motorcycles & gas station apparatus but they aren't really memorable. Poor fight scenes whch are preticable. I only gave this 10% because it is RVD's first role & he wasn't actually that bad. He wasn't good but didn't suck. More Mediocre. Batista wasn't interesting & wasn't good. The main villian was played well, another reason for the 10%. Other than the villian, this movie is bad. The fight scenes are okay but couldn've been much better. This usually proves that wrestler aren't good actors.

Andrew G (br) wrote: anyone who doubts the power of music to initiate significant social change needs to see this film.

Amod D (ca) wrote: The best aamir khan performance.

Paul D (ru) wrote: The budget has been blown on the sets and special effects, which are not too bad, so it's a shame they couldn't have diverted some of it into the script and storyline, as it is a pretty dull affair.

Heather Y (de) wrote: Paul...just stick to being a musician. I liked the parts with music, but not much else. Go listen to the soundtrack instead.

Enrique O (ru) wrote: Clasicazo del cine ochentero, y del que muchos vern por curiosidad, los que les gust Tron Legacy.

Fredrik S (de) wrote: A much more satisfying movie then the first Asterix animation, which was made just a year earlier. Here the lines are less akward, the animation more fluid and the jokes more in line with the original comic. The films still feels old, but this time in a good way.

Dan B (fr) wrote: Ponderous semi-giallo that takes forever to get to a ??twist?? that has already been revealed on the cover of the DVD (and that you can see coming a mile off anyway). Unless you??re really into late 70s interior design, this is probably for hardcore Italian horror fans only. (And even they wouldn??t be missing much if they skipped it.)

Jeffrey A B (es) wrote: A good little independent film: Elder-Love is possible if you look like Sam Eliot and Blyther Danner.

matt m (ag) wrote: Fiction. Really bad fiction at that.

Michael S (gb) wrote: The opening scene has John Travolta lauding the gritty realism of "Dog Day Afternoon." Pity that "Swordfish" is an overly stylized mess notable only for Halle Berry's topless scene. The scenes with Travolta name dropping older films feel like desperate attempts to mimic Tarantino dialogue.

Robert G (ag) wrote: As an Englishman it is hard to explain the feeling you get watching this movie it makes you swell with pride, when you understand the insurmountable odds that they faced and yet they came through it...

Troy P (nl) wrote: This movie scared the pants off me as a child! Love it.