Meu Destino em Tuas Mãos

Meu Destino em Tuas Mãos


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Meu Destino em Tuas Mãos torrent reviews

Juan G (it) wrote: Inception is a film that comes to mind with I sat in on this film. The moment "Sully" takes off until the faithful landing, your head with be spinning.

Chris R (de) wrote: This movie crushed my soul. I am so blessed in my life.

Bridger B (kr) wrote: Amazing movie!! One of my favorites for sure!!

Nina L (gb) wrote: I sooooo am giving this movie 5 stars, because it is so bad that it's good! Brandon Lee pre-mortem, Ernest Borgnine (post-mortem I think in this film) and a very obviously ex-porn star sidekick travel to a land that apprently is at the borders of Cuba, South Africa, AND Germany to do something...I couldn't really follow what that was exactly. To quote, "Sir, you are a WOMAN!"MST3k really should have gotten their hands on this one.

Dawn J (es) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen. The part played by the mother of the children is a horrific actor in this movie. Painful to watch and boring as well.

Brett B (br) wrote: Very solid film, but was left wanting more from great actors like Dafoe and Hackman. Seemed like a lot of stereotypes shown throughout the movie were a little tired and expected, but given the subject matter's nature that can be understood.

Linnea G (jp) wrote: Ridiculous and not what I was expecting. If you want to laugh for 96 minutes, this is your film.

Alexis Minnie M (au) wrote: it plane out sucked cause it was repeating over and over it also didn't make sense at all so dont bother watching it you wont like it

Allen G (kr) wrote: This deserves a sequel.

Jodi A (ca) wrote: Not one of the more high-budget films, but a good movie anyway