Meu Nome é Dindi

Meu Nome é Dindi


Meu Nome é Dindi shows the movement of time over a young woman who owns a small marketplace near bankruptcy and fights for survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ROGER H (br) wrote: Nimrat Kaur is a refreshing actress. Good movie, very enjoyable. Follows the "style" of foreign films.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: you get what you expect and a little less.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: A beautiful little indie about living and experiencing life. This is the kind of coming-of-age films that I love, the kind that are all about a feeling. This isn't like most coming-of-age stories that are meant to reflect a time in life. This film is all about the feeling of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Rachel may not be experiencing it in a very relatable way, but she's still experiencing it, and that's something everyone can relate to. Julia Garner delivers a flawless, surrendering performance that demands our attention. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with from here on out.

Tammy R (ca) wrote: A Very low- budget, bad acting movie. Odd slow motion scene's, camera too close too actors face at times. The scence when he goes back too his neo-nazi recruitment days were too much. I can't believe I made it through...

Craig B (br) wrote: After Innocence is a documentary about several individuals who were erroneously incarcerated and were subsequently proven innocent through DNA testing and other modern scientific advancements. The implications of this film's stance begin to sink in when you learn that many of the people had been behind bars for decades. Some had even been waiting on death row. When they are exonerated, they are released from prison without receiving financial compensation, without having their criminal records expunged or vacated, and without any help to secure a living. Director Jessica Sanders concentrates her efforts on making a forceful argument for the adoption of laws that would both lessen the chance of false convictions, while also ensuring that exonerated individuals are properly integrated into society after their release. Just as notable, though less overtly stated, is the film's polemic against capital punishment.

Andrew G (it) wrote: A Texas Chainsaw Massacre knockoff, and a damn good one at that. Well-paced, adequately-acted, and quite disturbing in parts. Certainly worth a watch by horror fans.

Charles R (mx) wrote: Proving how out of touch critics were when this comedy goldmine first released, this not-very-well-received but genuinely funny Chris Rock Show extended-sketch has all the head-scratching hilarity of Pootie Tang's 'vernacular' mixed in with some ace turns from David Cross, Andy Richter, Bob Costas, and so many more. Yeah, you may need to smoke a joint before this, but as far as I'm concerned, if a comedy can stand up to my high tastes, then it's certified FRESH. 5/5 DON'T LEAVE ME POOTIE BABY I NEED YOU. Also, this was written and directed by Louis C.K. and rings true as one of his finest comic efforts to this day. No, really.

bill s (es) wrote: One of the best baseball movies of all time.

Filiberto G (jp) wrote: Though Albert Finney's performance is remarkable, the film pales in comparison to the novel, failing to capture any sort of hallucinatory quality or inner consciousness of the British consul.

Cameron L (mx) wrote: This movie was so stupid, it went all the way around and became smart. Not really... but I was mildly entertained and laughed at some of the continuity errors and creative murders.

Senor C (ag) wrote: Master of the Flying Guillotine is one of my favorite kung fu flix; right up there w/ Chiba's Streetfighter. It is the definity of badass. The flying guillotine (which is sorta like a hat box w/ blades on chain) master (who has juicy eyebrows like Jack Lalanne) is hunting down Yu Wang the One-Armed Boxer who killed his disciples in the first One Armed Boxer. Smack dab in the middle is a tournament that was later ripped off by Capcon in the video game Street Fighter. As cool as the first one was this 2nd outing blows it out of the water. The sound trax is fucking great (sampled in Kill Bill) & even the open credit theme kicks ass. I fucking love this movie; Ive seen it a dozen times in the last 7 years. Any self respecting kung fu fan needs to see this!

Chris B (fr) wrote: Throne of Blood is another masterful work from the legendary duo of director Akira Kurosawa and his prominent leading man Toshiro Mifune in the role of the primary protagonist Taketoki Washizu, a commander who has a life-defining encounter with an evil spirit in the woods. Along with his childhood friend Yoshaki Miki (Minoru Chiaki) the two are given a disturbing but advantageous fortune of their coming glory and rise through the ranks. Unfortunately one of the predictions is that Miki's son will one day rule the legendary Spider Web Castle that Washizu will soon inherit first, planting suspicion and paranoia in his mind. The two eventually find their way out of the haunted Spider's Web Forrest and it's many illusions and upon meeting with their lord, Lord Tsuzuki are given the first of their promotions according to the prophecy. From then onwards the two fulfill their destinies of climbing the ranks and with Washizu's wife Asaji, played unemotionally and menacing by Isuzu Yamada, Washizu kills his lord and his wife plants the spear used on one of another general's guards and thus sets General Noriyasu (Takashi Shimura, another Kurosawa regular) to take the fall for his deed. Thus he is now Lord and shortly after inherits Spider Web Castle from Miki and eventually through his wife's bidding and his own heart's ambitions he has his friend killed and attempts to have his son killed as well to prevent the prophecy coming true, but fails and the son joins with the wronged General Noriyasu and others wronged by Washizu to overthrow him and avenge their lost loved ones. Upon meeting the evil spirit again Washizu who has been driven nearly completely out of his mind, is told that he will only fall if the very trees of Spider's Web Forest rise up to overthrow him and with this he is lulled into a false sense of invincibility and invulnerability. He rallies his men inside the castle to battle but as one of the guards warns of the trees rising up against them, everyone falls into panic, none more than Washizu. With the omen made known to all the men beforehand with it's coming true they betray the lord and shoot him down with hundred of arrows and he final succumbs to the numerous injuries before he can draw his sword. It's made known briefly after that the invading army used branches and leaves to hide in and under and make it appear within the mist that the very trees were indeed rising up against Lord Washizu. The film itself is of course an adaptation of Macbeth but to simply leave it at that would be a grave injustice as Kurosawa seamlessly weaves an intricate story within Japan and it's history while still adhering to the story arc and characterization of the original work. The film exudes atmosphere and the misty and gloom-filled setting lends great depth to the mood of the film and it's story and one in which perfectly inhabits it's characters and their story of bloodlust and tragedy. Toshiro Mifune as usual gives a powerfully bombastic and energetic performance in the lead role and really adds power to the character and story. The themes are all there but also so distinctly Japanese and original that it really is it's own work and embodiment of Kurosawa's vision on film. What a truly great cinematic work that is a wonderful to view and a stunning work of Japanese cinema from the legend Akira Kurosawa. This certainly ranks among the legendary director's greatest masterpieces and that is among some of the very best in Japanese cinema!

Andy B (us) wrote: December 2011 in Palm Springs with Jessica.