Meu Nome é Tonho

Meu Nome é Tonho


As a child he was kidnapped by gypsies that raised him, without he ever knowing his parents. As a young man Tonho leaves the gypsies and go live by himself, meeting in his way a beautiful woman, who lost her brother, and a dangerous gang of violent criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayra A (jp) wrote: This is my go to movie when I go on a plane the love connection between Gus and Hazel is just perfect

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Joetaeb D (it) wrote: While Cage is far more goofy than he was last installment, This new Ghost rider suffers from crazy cinematography, dodgy CGI and an even flatter script.

George X (br) wrote: As raw as an amateur video, yet tightly developed and orchestrated in order to amplify the gut-wrenching emotion and tragedy which forms the base theme. A must see.

Matthew P (nl) wrote: Before watching, I expected an overacted mess of a film. Boy, was I wrong! For a film that was nominated only for best picture, I was not expecting a lot. But with a strong performance by Lionel Barrymore and everyone else, this is a must-see movie!