Mga mumunting lihim

Mga mumunting lihim

Mariel, a housewife who died from cancer, left a box full of her diaries through the years to her bestfriend Carly, an advertising executive. Though Sandra and Olive warned her not to read ...

The death of Mariel (JUDY ANN SANTOS) was met with such hurt by her three closest friends. But it was her best friend, Carla (IZA CALZADO) that she leaves a most special gift, a box full of her diaries through the years. Carla has been Mariel’s friend since their high school years; they have practically shared everything in their lives together. Their two other girl friends, Sandra (AGOT ISIDRO) and Olive (JANICE DE BELEN) formed the quartet who would get together ever so often and served as a mutual support system. Despite warnings from Sandra and Olive not to read the diaries left behind by Mariel, Carla could not help herself to find out what was written on those volumes of handwritten materials. True enough, what she discovered completely shattered all her perceptions and beliefs of the friendship shared by the four women through the years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (kr) wrote: A charming musical based around two returning soldiers told via the brilliant and uplifting music of The Proclaimers. Dexter Fletcher does a fine job of keeping this from veering into being too stagey & slots in the songs well to the obvious plot.

Matt P (fr) wrote: Do not allow the title to fool you...this is an interesting time and place to examine the human reaction to loss.

Caleb H (fr) wrote: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us is as silly a movie as one can reasonably expect from a direct-to-video werewolf feature. The film probably would have played better in the 80's, where it probably would have starred Christopher Lambert and Lance Henriksen, who wouldn't have realized how shitty the script was, a terrible teen actor who spent the whole movie looking confounded, and a werewolf who wasn't a cartoon character. In 2012, though, Werewolf just seems like a lousy SyFy film. It's filled with silly gore, the script is absurd, and the special effects look like a third grader drew them in MS Paint. The film follows a group of "bad-ass" monster hunters into a 19th century European village that is being terrorized by a werewolf. Young Daniel, a moony-eyed, whiny kid who works in the local hospital (for a slumming Stephen Rea) wants to join up with the monster hunters...his motivations are never clear, but it seems like he really wants to impress the local hot chick. I'm not sure, and the script isn't either, but Daniel at least seems like a credible human being, which is more than can be said for the snarling monster hunters, who are an assortment of "Bad Ass Movie Cliches" like the solemn cowboy, the British guy with a 'stache, the crazy guy, and the hot chick with a big gun and mad karate skills. The latter half of Werewolf is, at least, kind of amusing in a bizarre way, mainly because the writers-for some strange reason-decide they don't like the smug, British monster hunter and have him turn into a villain and a possibly rapist over the course of thirty seconds. The identity of the werewolf will likely surprise no one who has paid at least a little attention to the film, although the filmmakers do an admirably silly job of throwing a couple lousy red herrings at the audience just for shits and giggles. And the visual effects are howlingly bad (pun intended), especially when the werewolf is required to fight one of the characters. Also, the movie's depiction of gypsies as mystical nutjobs is hysterically awful. The acting, to the extent that it is acting, is pretty much what you expect from this sort of thing. Accents are attempted, but usually with no success. The villains are all snarls and smirks, and there's a standard pretty girl who seems to be reading her lines off cue cards. Stephen Rea looks about as miserable as an actor can least John Rhys-Davies gamely embraces the lousy movies he shows up in. The bottom line with junk like Werewolf depends on your tolerance for cheesy, overly-gory, bargain basement horror films. If you enjoy laughing at this kind of junk, you'll likely have fun with the movie regardless of whether you think it's good or not. Personally, I was just relieved to find a DTV horror film that wasn't about zombies, and that's worth a few stars at least.

Merry J (ru) wrote: Fantastic Documentary! Tells the truth about the big global warming hoax. I own this movie.

David S (jp) wrote: Headhunters is a very well paced, suspenseful mystery film about the clashing of hobbies between two professionals. With fantastic acting on all fronts, brilliant directing, and wonderful music, our two main men are getting to know each other that little bit more at both their perils. Playing cat and mouse, with an obscure line between who is the cat and who is the mouse, this Norwegian film puts many similar genre films to shame. It is a powerful and intriguing piece, with well articulated scenes.

Pete S (br) wrote: A 1/2 Japanese 1/2 american movie, some parts just don't translate well.

MEC r (fr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Arfa S (us) wrote: Long live the Butterflies...

Lisa M (ru) wrote: Not as good as the previous remake, but still cute enough to watch. :)

Tim B (fr) wrote: Good John Candy Flick.

Devon W (de) wrote: A well done giallo, but very slow moving without much tension.


Paul D (kr) wrote: Somewhat sugar coated in its premise, it is however a feel-good movie which by Ken Loach's standards doesn't use the same amount of ordinary public realism as many of his previous films.