Mi conejo es el mejor

Mi conejo es el mejor

The story begins as Lina in school uniform, fondled by another student. When the guard catches them, she spanked Lina on her naked bottom and then made love with the other one. Handsome ...

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LARRY C (jp) wrote: I think I saw this cartoon. It was not terrible.

Nicholas W (us) wrote: Not a bad little German-South African co-production. Plot reminds a bit of the Walking Dead but better executed and better acted. This one is destined to do well on American TV.

Angel P (ru) wrote: Para los que se preguntan si Vin Diesel puede actuar. Muy Buena Pelicula.

Won C (ag) wrote: one of my favorite horror movies of all time

Ingrid P (nl) wrote: Great fun, totalement dlur comme j'aime

Jason S (au) wrote: I put Horror as my favorite type of films. I watched this movie with an open mind...sorry...I'd rather watch paint dry! Everyone has their own opinion so watch it before you judge it...you never know...YOU might like it.

Joey F (br) wrote: I love Sylvain Chomet's style. This movie is certainly not for everyone, as it is incredibly odd in terms of visuals, story, and voice. If you like weird things, this is a fun watch.

Sarah D (kr) wrote: Just to be perfectly clear......this IS what lobotomies were made for!

Brian K (us) wrote: A whimsical fantasy that is sure to produce some laughs . . . and cringes.

Harry W (gb) wrote: It's common sense to say that I didn't expect Screwballs to be of high calibre, but as I wasn't that familiar with 1980's teen sex comedies much further than the film Private School, I figured I should look into it and see what it was all about.As the plot of Screwballs rests solely on the characters seeing the breasts of Purity Bush, a character with a clearly sexualised name, it's obvious that the film was going to be stupid. And as a teen sex comedy, to succeed it has to be sexy or funny.One thing it surely it definitely succeeds at is being misguided, because the already stupid story is made dumber by the strange visual style that makes it seem too obviously like the terrible low budget comedy that it actually is. Intended for the pubescent male audiences, it attempts to rope audiences in with promises of breasts and a story that entails, among other things, a student having sexual relations with a teacher even though they look identical in age with the student possibly being older than the teacher. The nature of whether it succeeds is determined by the audiences who go in with truly low standards for this film. And as you can tell by the nature of the story and the quality of the sound in the film, it is absolute sh*t.Screwballs is a male-oriented teen sex comedy, but it is too reliant on showing the idiotic nature of its male characters which isn't even ever funny. I didn't laugh once watching Screwballs and I can think of very few people who actually would. Screwballs fails the comedy sections of the film by not being funny for its attempts at humour or even for its utmost stupidity.. The characters are ridiculous and audiences are more likely to find themselves simply loathing them instead of laughing at them in the slightest.Second of all, for a sex comedy there is insufficient nudity. I'll admit that at times when the nature of the scenes were sexual and the cinematography wasn't too stupidly far away or blurry, there were some sexy moments. But rarely did any of them actually feature any nudity. Screwballs has less nudity than The Last Temptation of Christ, and I can guarantee you that audiences are less likely to look at that film for sex appeal than they are at Screwballs. But I kid you not, the religious film The Last Temptation of Christ features more sexually provocative and appealing nudity than Screwballs, even though I'm referring to the image of Jesus Christ being crucified naked. If that doesn't appeal to you then Screwballs won't so I would suggest you not even bother trying.Screwballs is nothing but a senseless series of poorly conceived comedy sketches which are tied together by an awfully loose plot which promises the sight of Purity Bush's breasts at the end of an endearingly unbearable 76 minute period. The audience must really determine for themselves, was it all worth it in the end. The short answer is this: nope. It simply was not. The film waits for the moment when for some reason Purity is suddenly topless and then suddenly flashes credits on the screen blocking them out for the rest of the film. There is nothing to boast about anywhere in the film.There is a reason that you've never heard of any of the actors that were in Screwballs, except perhaps Linda Speciale for her brief appearance in the pilot episode of Breaking Bad. Its obviously because Screwballs was so terrible that I cant even be bothered writing an extensive review on it so I'll stop here and tell you to look elsewhere for entertaining cinema or nudity.