Mi mujer es muy decente, dentro de lo que cabe

Mi mujer es muy decente, dentro de lo que cabe

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Mi mujer es muy decente, dentro de lo que cabe torrent reviews

Ryan S (de) wrote: This movie was an unbelievable piece of Canadian movie crap! I loved it! What could be better than an unknown kid making it to the big time. Oh yeah, a kid who makes it to the big time ... while singing about it! Watch this movie.

Jake P (br) wrote: A pointless boring drag of a sequel. There's really no solution to any of the plots in the end.

John S (us) wrote: A very good film. 1981 explores children's desire to fit in and exemplifies the lengths they will go to just to be accepted when forced into new situations. I believe this is an autobiographical work by director Ricardo Trogi and it was both funny, sad, heartwarming and joyful. I really enjoyed watching this film and I am trying to find a reason why I didnt give it 5 stars! The film was much in the style of CRAZY, which is to its credit, and it was a big hit in Quebec. The acting was great from all involved and the storyline was original and never boring. There were many laugh out loud moments - 3 in the first 5 minutes and this to me ensures it a high rating for a comedy. But it was so much more than that, in the way that it defines human emotions. The boy Ricardo wants a walkman and a K-way so that he can fit in with the red K-Way gang without realising that its not what you have that matters but who you are. The last scene where all the boys in the gang own up to their lies is a real treat. Fully recommended. Best French film I have seen in a long while.

Logan K (es) wrote: Amazing movie. hilarious!!!!

Michael A Elkana F (de) wrote: This movie gets a high score from me not because the moral of the story or something like that, but because it was an achingly surreal, nightmarish acid trip that made me dizzy the whole way through, yet there was something hypnotic about the story and all the meat's stop motion-parade (it represents the flesh, all human's sins and lust) that kept me watching it from beginning til the end. I know this is Svankmajer, yet maybe because i was expecting for a movie like Otik, so it struck me in a totally different way. Yes, if you could imagine a movie that succeed to make you feel dizzy, this is it. A phantasmagorical political commentary, how to rule, in this case an asylum, with dictatorial or a more libertine-ian way, but both will end the same if the leader is lunatic. Patient viewers will be rewarded with an overall depressing and (again) nightmarish and totally offbeat ending.

Mark A (fr) wrote: A complex, multi-layered tale that tried to veer off into bodice-ripper land a couple of times, but managed to steer clear. Giovanna (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) and her husband, Filippo (Filippo Nigro) find a disoriented old man on the street and take him in. The story revolves around their efforts to discover who he is and where he belongs. The presence of this mystery gentleman triggers repercussions in their marriage, their career choices, and their family dynamic. There was a voyeuristic aspect to the story that caused an overly Romantic diversion. This viewer felt that the story might have been stronger without that distraction. But, even allowing for that, the film itself proved to be quite entertaining. The actors delivered quite believable characters and the interactions were suitably complex, conveying mystery without being mystifying. The script seemed without unnecessary frills, except for the aforementioned romantic element, but even that cannot overshadow this viewer's general satisfaction. The scenery is muted as most of the action occurs at night, but there is beauty to be found in abundance here.

Janetta B (jp) wrote: I watched this movie so many times with Nikki, It's so cute...

Jennie R (es) wrote: The storyline - Excellent. The cast - Terrific The music - Captivating but Three hours???? The score was really good but the singing is just way too long. I am learning that that is part of the Bollywood style but it is tough sitting through such a long movie and listening/reading the lyrics, especially when they repeat the same line ten times. If you like tragic romances, this is for you. The main characters just smolder with a passionate chemistry. (They arent bad to look at AT ALL) Also, the English subtitles to this movie could drive a grammar teacher crazy. Many of the sentence structures are confusing to understand..

Ian C (fr) wrote: First time watch. Schrader and Gere meant it should have been the balls but it just lacked the spark needed in a good frame up thriller.

David S (br) wrote: Classic film based on The Who's classic rock opera! A film that fits into the lexicon of British realism.

Karina D (br) wrote: This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The writing is terrible, the acting is, the plot is as well. Not only is the dialougue unrealistic, but it was also dry, and badly portrayed by the actors whom have no chemistry.

Ian R (es) wrote: Joe was commonly interpreted as an attack on the perceived free morality of the 60's, and the disillusion that followed the Summer of Love rather than a satire of the dangers of intolerance, xenophobia, and the alchemy of impotence into violence. However, the story hinges on the clash of cultures on 3 fronts: Dennis Patrick's rich, Cadillac-driving businessman, Peter Boyle's frustrated blue-collar racist, and the emerging culture of youth and 'foreign' ideals that confuses them both. No side comes across in a flattering manner in this conflict, and all are painted with broad strokes, often laughably.Joe was apparently hugely popular as an expression of the deep-rooted worry felt by so much of middle America at the time - that the reins of the country (and its culture) were passing from the white patriarchy into other, more chaotic hands. Almost 40 years later the fear of this seems unfounded, but the war of values is still very much alive, and Joe's personal worldview seems not far removed from many in power today. Boyle's portrayal of Joe is somehow sympathetic despite his reactionary and and sociopathic character.Despite some key plot twists that beggar belief, (Dennis Patrick gaining entrance to a hippie party by posing as a dealer is exceptionally bizarre) the story is really engaging, and could be considered to have inspired many other films (Michael Douglas seems to have taken a kick at both the lead roles, in Traffic and Falling Down, respectively.) It would be interesting to see a remake, perhaps with Anarchist activist types filling in for the Hippies of the original.It's not a great film, but a strangely overlooked one - important both as a distorted portrait of its time as a reflection of our own.

Marc G (gb) wrote: A bit more plodding then I usually care for.

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