Mia moglie è una strega

Mia moglie è una strega

A witch being condemned to burn to death by the Holy Inquisition makes a contract with the devil to be reborn in our times...

A witch being condemned to burn to death by the Holy Inquisition makes a contract with the devil to be reborn in our times... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sajin T (kr) wrote: A must watch if you use the internet. This is Public awareness, awareness about abuse of personal data by government and social networking sites.

Carlos M (br) wrote: A compelling, gloomy and unsettling allegory that moves in a careful slow pace towards a glorious conclusion and is centered on a modern Noah, paranoid and on the verge of a mental breakdown, played with such an extraordinary intensity by Michael Shannon.

Cameron E (ag) wrote: A fragile coming-of-age film that is beautiful and heartbreaking; it's sure to leave you lovesick and lusting for more.

Nick B (jp) wrote: Saw the first one not long ago and I was pretty keen to see this one cause Chris Rock was in it. It was alright nothing really to special keeps you entertained and flows at a decent pace, the cast are pretty good.

Bert P (it) wrote: Niet altijd even goed geacteerd, hoewel Matthew Perry hier echt wel zijn best doet om er iets van te maken.Het verhaaltje kennen we al wel een beetje, van "Dangerous minds" en consoorten, maar toch is deze film (gebaseerd op een waar gebeurd verhaal) toch weer emotioneel vrij sterk.

Anna M (nl) wrote: This is the best movie ever. When one losses all hope and has no more faith in beings you have to watch this movie. I have probably seen it 200 times and that is not an over statement.

Albert M (ag) wrote: Joe Pesci plays a marvelous roll as the wise and worldly and unassuming homeless mentor to university student Brendan Fraser in this film about the struggles of life and finding out how the world works outside of their privileged bubble.

Alexander C (es) wrote: A few flaws but otherwise enjoyable movie, may be boring moments but only fleeting ones.

Frederick F (it) wrote: This is where the line is drawn on the Poltergeist Franchise. The third movie, was terrible. But the first two, knocked it out of the ballpark and for me, started and finished the series in a respectable way.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: A lot of Allen's best dramatic work often comes when it runs parallel to a more light-hearted thread (Crimes and Misdemeanor for example). Interiors feels threadbare both stylistically and emotionally and as as a result I just couldn't engage in the characters that I was seeing.

Drew H (kr) wrote: Nice to finally see them, but as they happen before I was born, I didn't know who half the names of the people involved, or what their involvement was.

Hamad S (ag) wrote: A very unique story about something that is probably replete with unique stories, this is also a reminder about the complexity that is inherent in complacency and complicity. There are, of course, many other lessons also. For that, you will just have to watch it.