"Miami" is the fourth film by artist Sarah Morris. Operating between a documentary, the biography of a city and a form of non-narrative fiction, "Miami" shifts between sites of production, ...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
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"Miami" is the fourth film by artist Sarah Morris. Operating between a documentary, the biography of a city and a form of non-narrative fiction, "Miami" shifts between sites of production, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy G (ca) wrote: Cle. v. Wall St. stirs up emotion by confronting the controversial issue of sub-prime loans in America. From scene-to-scene, the story focuses on a mock trial, issuing testimony from a diverse witness list. Most trials, real or fictitious, use a jury to determine guilt. This civil court jury is enlisted to deliver a verdict, "Are the big banks of Wall St. financially liable for the rash of foreclosed, boarded-up homes in Cleveland's Slavic Village. Just as the first witness is called, it is transparent this film sets out to convict & demand the CEO's to, "Pay me my money down, pay me or go to jail," as sung in the movie. Similar to Michael Moore films, this film targets a niche market audience sympathetic to left-leaning ideology. The movie did earn points for cinematography & music, which contributed to good production value. If you like anti-capitalist & anti-personal responsibility movies, this one is for you.

Andy P (ca) wrote: An ok documentary. However it is predictable in its portrayal of anyone on the right side of the aisle.

Antti Q (br) wrote: How to make a successful Bollywood film 101: Take a stunningly beautiful woman and a stupidish looking Tom Hanks lookalike, make them fall in love, add some visually perfect dance scenes that have no connection what so ever to rest of the movie, let it cook for a bare minimum of 3 hours and you are done.

Ji Hye O (it) wrote: Great acting by Ed Harris !and great music. Yet there were some awkward scenes....big weakness. But overall, it was touching.

Gurahk W (kr) wrote: Good for a cheap laugh, but the action and stuff slightly fall short....

Teddy V (ru) wrote: Pinch your nose or you might get hurt, it's gonna get stinky.

Lasse K (jp) wrote: It seems that Snipes really was drugged silly when he arrived on the set, so the crew dumped the script and just shot something so that they would have 1 hour of footage that could be released DTV (with the completely different Euro-title, '9 Lives').

Grant B (ru) wrote: The half star I did NOT give it.... it wasn't campy enough.

Luckee C (kr) wrote: Josh has style, but that's pretty much it. It will need a lot more to work at the box office, but business should be good, due to the word-of-mouth. The film is worth a watch... that's it! Recommended! (One Time Watch) Verdict = Above Average

Luca D (au) wrote: Buon film, anzi, pi che buono. Ben Affleck continua a dimostrare di saperci fare come regista. Alcune scene di azione/violenza sono magistralmente girate e montate. Il film ha un buon ritmo anche se il finale non mi ha convinto appieno, ma sono dettagli.

Rick D (ag) wrote: A little weird and crazy but had some laughs

E O (us) wrote: I think this is the GREATEST FILM ever made because it has taken me 20 years of viewing to fully understand and appreciate the hidden nuggets of David Lean. One could get an entire BA from studying this film alone - editing, cinematography, acting, sound, music, advertising, production, it has it all.!Look for:- Greatest Introductory Scene ever by Omar Sharif- "The Match" cut- Losing sight of Lawrence the man and the rise of the image of L of Arabia

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Patrick C (ru) wrote: Some good twists and turns and some great lines. The acting was pretty good as well, except when George Peppard slipped in and out of his accent. The worst part for me? Watching them parade around in US tanks and halftracks and pretending they were German.

Michael W (gb) wrote: It's a wild and crazy ride, but I don't think it's aged very well.