Miami Blues

Miami Blues

When Fred gets out of prison, he decides to start over in Miami, where he starts a violent one-man crime wave. He soon meets up with amiable college student Susie. Opposing Fred is Sgt Hoke Moseley, a cop who is getting a bit old for the job, especially since the job of cop in 1980's Miami is getting crazier all the time.

Frederick Frenger is a psychopath killer who has recently been released from the prison and moved to Miami to start a new life. Instead of making a fresh new life, Frederick continues committing criminal affairs. That's where the devoted cop Sgt. Hoke Moseley come in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miami Blues torrent reviews

David H (ag) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous

Michelle Kontny K (au) wrote: SpEnTaCulaR, moves with life, a little surreal though

Salem S (us) wrote: Really nice movie...good story...truly inspirational....

MarcAndr B (kr) wrote: Moins bon que le 1e, mais ... on reste quand mme avec beaucoup d'inattendu, surtout pour la fin. J'aime le fait qu'on revoit les mmes personnages que dans le premier, pour ceux qui ne sont pas mort bien sur! Et malgr (C) cela, il n'est pas n (C)cessaire d'avoir vu le premier pour comprendre et appr (C)cier ;) Une location si vous voulez de l'action.

Hrant Grant M (ca) wrote: Great chemistry between Joaquin & Gwyenth. Phoenix does a great job playing the role of the damaged soul, an emotional piece of sometimes what doesn't make sense draws you in. It's a challenge one must face and making the wrong decision is a human flaw.

Calum B (fr) wrote: Frankly I don't understand why this movie has been such a big "flop" in publicity. Sharon Stone certainly has not lost any of her charisma and "touch" since "Basic instinct". I voted this film 10 and I tell you why: Game opens in London this time. London is the city where Catherine Tramell has moved since the events in BI1. Again she proves to be a mastermind manipulator of her own class -unchallenged. She is "screwing your brain" as Catherine with such a skill that in the end you don't be quite sure who is the real villain. As for the technical part of the film: Only real setback is the B-rate crew of actors. Sharon Stone is the only really big name in the cast compared to her and Michael Douglas etc in the first part. I also think BI2 would have been better had Sharon Stone been a bit younger but she is still quite stunning in her looks and has only improved concerning her charisma. Her B-rate "assistants" are not so bad either although I would have wanted some bigger names to the cast. I think there are quite good improvements in the basic plot. I think this is a far better thriller than many of the run-off-the-mill crap Hollywood so readily distributes these days. The plot is great, it's easy to see technically, you don't snore in the half way through the film and most important -the heath is on.

Jimmy P (mx) wrote: Was so looking forward to seeing this movie at seein an action packed trailer filled with thrills. Well the film was nothing like that at all, a very hard and very strange storyline to follow at some points. It seems like they tried so hard on trying to make this film have a good storyline they forgot to put the action in. The action fight scenes that were in this were truly amazing but way to few in number. This could have been an amazing film but at the end of the day it didnt break the mold and wasnt anything to special

Miranda R (ru) wrote: A beautiful and heartbreaking movie with a lot to offer and a fresh perspective on a forgotten landscape.

Zachary R (ag) wrote: This is a movie where the sequel did not measure up to the original Secret of NIMH. The Original was dark, freaky, and the story quite compelling. This movie is what we get when we try to let film makers and parents guide our decisions into what movies we should see. This movie is about Timmy and how he moved away from his family and went to NIMH and Justin and Mr. Ages request to live off his father's destiny (That's literally what it looks like, no other explanation is given). But as Timmy grows he only wants to be a hero where Justin and Mr. Ages just wants him to learn and be cautious for his own good. One day another young girl mouse comes to NIMH and tells the rats of NIMH that their other families at NIMH survived and are being tortured there. The rats of NIMH think it is to dangerous to venture there only to get captured once again. So, what naturally happens is that Timmy and the young girl mouse venture to NIMH with a little help from old friend Jeremy(Where he and a catipillar are schemeing other forest creatures out of there food because they are pretending to be the great owl; who left the tree he was at years ago). One Timmy and the girl mouse get there they find out that NIMH plans to send in army to the rats of NIMH to destroy it. Can Timmy stop this henous plot? As you can see that is the overall plot to this film and yes, it is corny. There are things that our good about this movie like having Arthur Mallet, Dom DeLuise, William H. Macy, and Eric Idle involved. The story is pretty good too, until the corny ending and also it is hilarious to hear Ralph Macchio singing and acting as Timmy. Overall this film has it's moments but for true fans it leaves you wanting more. 5 out of 10 I give it.

Arne V (fr) wrote: The most Hong Kong film Hong Kong has ever produced, Beast Cops does more than one may initially think. Shot and set right after Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule in 1998, Beast Cops examines the day to day lives of 3 police officers and how they explore they grey sides of it all both professionally and personally. Anthony Wong delivers what may be the finest performance in the history of Hong Kong cinema. With excellent drama, some elements of action and even a drop of horror, Beast Cops is one of the films you must see.

Christine D (us) wrote: Dutronc, of course !!!

Justin A (ag) wrote: I don't know what to compare this to. This is the first Indonesian horror movie I've seen and the first international Hollywood ripoff movies I remember seeing. It was really fun. It's dumb, but fun. It's a ripoff of The Terminator for sure, but the plot is actually more creative than The Terminator. That sounds bizarre, but the only thing this rips off are the action scenes (which it does well at times and looks horribly cheap at other times). I can't say the plot is original because it may be just an Asian mythological story with blood, guns, and nudity thrown in, but it was way different than most western movies you see. So for that it's a lot of fun to watch and something way different than usual.

Ryan V (de) wrote: The worst in a series of movies that just refused to die. Even Steve Guttenberg refused to bring his debatable talents along for the ride, wisely moving on to brighter pastures (i.e. the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror made for tv movie).

Brian B (us) wrote: A relatively terrible horror movie with a very young George Clooney. Good luck making it all the way through. It's nothing special.

Graham M (de) wrote: Definitely not a film for the average person - there is no comprehensible dialogue and the constant grunting may annoy, but it's interesting to see that a film can still be made this way and still have a coherent plot.

Nettie S (ca) wrote: Love this movie! I wish they would put it on DVD!

Greg W (fr) wrote: not so EZ life post WWII

Tim M (us) wrote: There is only one way to describe "On Golden Pond"...when you watch it, you know you are seeing something rare, intimate, and valuable. It is the highest caliber of all cinema.