Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Miami Vice is a feature film based on the 1980s action drama TV series. The film tells the story of vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs and how their personal and professional lives are dangerously getting mixed.

A case involving drug lords and murder in South Florida takes a turn for undercover detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs as their respective personal and professional lives become dangerously intertwined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilianetty l (gb) wrote: Hawking is a brilliant film! - Benedict portrayed him so amazing and so well, it was stunning and wonderful! "In two years he was supposed to die and look how many years Hawking has live!" Defenetly we do big, big things even if we are so small in this universe. Just because of this movie and all the info. I have learned of this character, I don't hate this human at all. He does not believe in "God"? So what? It should be respected as any decision we make in our own lives. He chooses his and it's more perfect than any of our lives (sorry, but I'm honest here and truth get's out easily of me).The music score? A BIG BANG THEORY RESULT! It was awesome and I wish I had that soundtrack to hear it over and over again! The musicians and the director did a great job with it. The cast was amazing, the slow mixed fast paced rhythm was great (sometimes it works others not but here it did!), the concept idea, costume design, the research of information for making this screen play so good...really, I loved it all!!! 4 stars of 5 for this masterpiece of a TV movie (some say they also took info of Hawking's life by some sort of book that tells some things of his past life). Enjoy and AU REVOIR MES AMIS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL AND HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! - February 14, 2013. And no....I don't believe in SAM VA LENTIN :)

Jonathan F (mx) wrote: There was some thoughtful dialogue, and the relationship between the main characters was sweet. Otherwise, it was mostly weird. I thought it'd be funny and entertaining with Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie in the cast, but mostly it was slow with little humor at all.

Pavan R (gb) wrote: Thought it would be more interesting than it actually turned out. Story seemed a bit weak overall, not your typical Vietnam war movie though.

Jhaneb K (ca) wrote: Amitabh @ his best!!!

Bearded M (it) wrote: Many horror movies play on our fears of what goes bump in the night, or what is hiding in a dark basement. Wait Until Dark takes those fears to a new level, when it takes the premise of a main character being newly blind and being stalked by a thug in her own apartment. Audrey Hepburn does a fantastic job as a blind woman who is being pushed around, conned, and forced into letting a man into her apartment while her husband is away, all because her husband brought her a doll, which unknown to both of them had drugs inside. Alan Arkin is terrific as a bad man who will stop at nothing to get his drugs, even stooping so low as to trick a blind woman. The fear and terror that sits at the heart of Wait Until Dark is simple, if you can't see, you can never be certain your truly alone, and that is a fear that most people can easily understand. For the most part the acting in Wait Until Dark is very good, with Hepburn standing out as usual, but Arkin was very good as a bad guy, which I never would have thought possible as he is always seen as a kinder gentler character for most of his films. It does drag a little in the middle, and the kid gives a regularly bad kid performance, but on the whole Wait Until Dark is a well put together thriller that hits the right notes for most of it running time.3.5 Beards Out Of 5

Paul M (au) wrote: Battleships and stiff upper lips

Film C (nl) wrote: i love this movie i cried at the end this is a powerful true movie that you cant help but enjoy, Decaprio is brilliant and does accent brilliantly really powerful entertaining movie that shouldnt be missed!

Dan M (nl) wrote: An interesting, yet boring movie at the same time. An end of the world film that turns into a love story, so there were plenty of yawns during the slow parts. I'm just curious as to what started this 'World War 3' and why it ended so quickly. They just mention 'terrorists' but they're never really shown except for a small scene. Maybe it's what happens if Drumpf becomes President and starts wars on countries that insult him or don't agree with him, that's my guess anyways.