Miao jie shi san mei

Miao jie shi san mei

Two young women caught in a power struggle among a trio of mobsters must struggle to survive in a world run by vice and corruption.

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Kyle C (ru) wrote: What? Did it actually happen, yes, I think it did. Cameron Diaz made me laugh, I don't believe it. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand her, but she actually made me laugh, now, was it enough to save the movie, well, No, but it didn't need to save it, this was a fun filled movie with enough laughs, and action to keep you entertained. It's nice to see Tom Cruise go back to doing the movies that he's good at, although, he is rather strange in this one, now, i don't know if he's acting or just being himself, i don't know, you see it and decide for yourself, but this is a fun movie.

Matthew T (de) wrote: You know what? Though everything my soul knows seemed to point to this being Absolutely Dire, it's actually Reasonably Okay. I mean, you have to like Mitchell & Webb (which I do) - although even their excellently honed comic chemistry is kept separated for vast swathes of the film. It's weird how badly British Comedy seems to do movies - this is written by the writers of Peep Show / some of the M&W sketch show, but it still seems oddly stilted and laboured at times. But they're good enough (along with more-than-solid support from the likes of Jessica Stevenson & Darren Boyd) to at least make it a surprisingly tolerable watch. Once.

Kyle f (it) wrote: Emotional, outstanding thriller!

Richard D (nl) wrote: Farr too ragged and loosely plotted to really good, but enjoyable all the same.

Niek S (ca) wrote: A cute and touching film. The film has been criticized for being somewhat too talky and relationship-ish, and yes, the middle part lacks a certain moomentum, but the opening scene is perfect and the atmosphere of the film is simply awesome. Jonze's choice to use Henson Studio puppets instead of all-CGI works out perfectly: you can see and feel the haracters running, jumping and bumping into eachother.

Ethan P (us) wrote: I felt like one of the hostages in the bank, holding out hope that I would survive through the end. I get that Dog Day Afternoon is important because it makes an interesting statement on human nature and it brings up human rights issues about sexual and gender identities in a time when that wasn't necessarily acceptable. But it is largely a dull, desperate and exhausting affair. We are trapped in the same room with the same people yelling and waving and threatening for 2 hours and nothing really transpires except for the slow, strange development of the main character.Part of the intent of the film was to display how people change when they are in the spotlight. Sonny turns into a raving "hero" demanding outlandish requests in exchange for the hostages and performing for the people in the streets. The pizza man dances for the crowd and the head teller refuses to leave her girls because her and the others are getting so much attention. It's interesting to see them transform. I also thought it was fascinating how it pushed such liberal themes in a time period that largely rejected them, with some of the major characters being homosexual and transgender people. Al Pacino's character is dynamic and we slowly learn about him as the robbery progresses. First that he has a wife, then that he has a gay lover, then that he's married to both and his mistress needs a sex change and that he has a troubled relationship with his mother. His motives for the robbery give insight into who he was and what his priorities are. And Pacino does a good job of not playing to homosexual stereotypes and delivering a character who is gay and different, but not flamboyant. But I didn't like how gross and unappealing all the characters become. Aesthetically, the film is poor. It's a boring, blank bank with unattractive, stressed out characters. The film's central issue is that is largely a tiring bore. It is tense at the beginning, but 30 minutes in the tension has broken and it's exhausting to watch Pacino and the cops constantly go back and forth. As a bank robbery, it is really dry. It consistently brings new characters into the story, such as his lover, his wife, his mother to further develop him. The conclusion was also pretty satisfying where the police trick his friend, shoot him in the head and clear the bus. I get why Dog Day Afternoon is relevant because of its themes and unique central character, but I can only take so much of Al Pacino pacing around sweating, yelling constantly.