Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton

A law firm brings in its 'fixer' to remedy the situation after a lawyer has a breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty in a multi-billion dollar class action suit.

A law firm brings in its "fixer" to remedy the situation after a lawyer's apparent mental breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty in a class action case over the effects of toxic agrochemicals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael Clayton torrent reviews

Private U (gb) wrote: I won't be too harsh on this movie since it was obviously made on a low budget. The makers of this movie did a pretty commendable job of building the atmosphere and suspense in the first half, which to my mind is pretty rare in horror movies nowadays. In the second half they failed to keep this up and left nothing to my imagination as usual. I'm still waiting for the modern horror movie that subtly plays with my mind in a way that makes me think something might be creeping up to get me. This one at least started well enough.

Ryan S (us) wrote: A bit predictable but kept you watching because you were rooting for the main character(s).

Carlos F (ru) wrote: I just LOVE this movie.

Jason H (kr) wrote: Guy is dumped by nasty girl then spends most of the film trying to win her back with the help of the animals while ignoring the charms of his co-worker who is a dream date..

Sums I (gb) wrote: This movie tackles a complex and challenging topic and explains it succinctly and clearly. Through the use of excellent graphics, interviews, and narration we're presented with America's biggest challenge- avoiding complete financial meltdown. I think what impressed me most about this documentary were the animated graphics that helped to show all sorts of economic and financial data in an understandable way. Pennies rolling along hills and valleys, a 4-quadrant chart for the 4 major deficit issues, future fearful projections... it's packed with quality from beginning to end. Another highlight is the historical perspective of our nations past dealings with debt along with archival footage (ie. "We've got another bond to buy...") and quotes from important movers and shakers. Along with the clips from the past are interspersed new interviews with big thinkers like Buffet, Greenspan, Dave Walker and more.Regardless of your political views, there is hard evidence suggesting that what Clinton did from 1992-2000 financially was excellent. They even turned off the national debt clock for awhile (as it couldn't run backwards at the time). But what has happened since is anything but encouraging. Unfortunately since the movie was made in 2008, there has been nothing but a worsening of the situation. Unless we start reforming everything immediately and majorly, the future of America is unsure. At the very least, it cannot continue in its current path for much longer. Something will be done... if not BY us, than TO us. I suggest you see this movie and take part in any way you can in the solution.

Stefano D (gb) wrote: Bellissimo film, dramma del precariato, sincero e terribilmente realistico, sulla tragedia che l'economia e la societ italiane portano nelle case di chi abituato a un certo tenore di vita.La recitazione perfetta, straordinaria, la regia impeccabile e nervosa danno quel senso insopportabile del "girare a vuoto" senza speranza, e spiega senza renderlo esplicito che la flessibilit una gran bella cosa in un'economia rutilante come quella americana, ma che qui crea solo precariato, cio tragedia. Grande Battiston come sempre.Un film prezioso.

nathan m (fr) wrote: This true story was pretty interesting & amazing. My friend Anthony fell asleep while this top secret mission was unfolding on the TV but still a decent film.

Justin M (mx) wrote: An amusingly ridiculous action flick.

Joshua F (au) wrote: Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, and Tom Berenger all give Oscar worthy performances. Directed by Oliver Stone, this is probably his greatest work. The story is realistic, tense, and unforgettable. The only complaint I have are minor pacing issues.

A C (nl) wrote: You cant make movies this bad without trying

Noel K (ca) wrote: Amazing actor, Director and story teller. This movie left me speechless. Dirty Harry's final act goes out on top and with class. My Father always said to my Mom that after we got to a certain age he couldn't relate anymore with us. My Dad had a hard life growing up and I think seeing us have it so easy some how felt unfair. We weren't as tough or as poor but over the years we saw how hard life could be. He made sacrifices for us we aren't willing to make for our children today. We have grown closer and finally see eye to eye. Walt made the ultimate sacrifice for people that weren't even his blood. My father made his for us. See this movie you'll be a better person for it.

Peter M (nl) wrote: Lucky One in the Chamber didnt get one star...entertainment is present but every other aspect of a movie is absent.

Ben L (us) wrote: I feel like there's something going on in Barry Lyndon that's deeper or has more meaning than I can see on the surface. I mean the decisions that Kubrick made here are so odd and feel wrong in so many ways. Is this intended as satire? At first glance I'd say everything is played as if it's a serious drama, but there were a number of moments where I just had to chuckle because a scene was that bad. And I couldn't help thinking that voiceover was dripping with sarcasm. What in heaven's name is Ryan O'Neal doing in the lead role of this film?! In what world was that a good idea? He plays Barry Lyndon so bland and emotionless that I never get on board with him as a protagonist, and he sucks most of the emotion out of the film. That was bad enough, but there's also the lack of an accent that he sometimes tries to throw in there anyways (and that's disastrous.) He never seems like he belongs in this world at all. There were a couple of acting performances that I actually liked in the movie but most of the cast was not good. The one aspect of Barry Lyndon that is undeniably great is the visuals. It is sumptuous, from the battle scenes to the fancy dinners. The lighting is great, the costumes are elaborate, and naturally every shot is framed perfectly. I understand Kubrick even acquired a special camera just for this film to capture candlelit scenes, and he certainly took full advantage of that. I don't know if the fact that the film was nice to look at was enough to make it worth more than 3 hours to watch (complete with an intermission,) but it doesn't hurt.That length was a real hurdle for me to get past. There was enough going on in the plot so I didn't get overly bored, but considering I found the main character so unlikable I just wanted it to end. In every way I wasn't connecting with the character of Barry Lyndon, because he was emotionless and he kept making the worst decisions. I'm willing to grant that the movie was well-made, and that there may be more to it than I am able to comprehend, but I found the overall viewing experience frustrating.