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  • Release:1980
  • Language:French,Spanish
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Michelangelo torrent reviews

Phil H (jp) wrote: Slight but entertaining

Kaan O (gb) wrote: Based on a true story, Love films like this, no special effects but just life itself and reality, friendships.,,, well done Jason

JasonMichelle H (it) wrote: As a Military Wife and Mom who has watched her husband and two children experience the direct impact of war it is magnificent to see that Papazian has captured a story that reminds one it isn't about one man's journey but about a family's journey. Anthony (Papazian) and Wade (Leabu) are both seeking to find a family together and although society expects the happy ending, this film reflects that often, the biggest battle of war is fought on the home front and reintegration in finding your new normal because of war. The tough skinned but sensitive social worker Jolene, played by Giacomo is able to see through the exterior of a hard shelled boy wanting to become the man Anthony is struggling to make better. The viewer will walk away knowing that sometimes it's okay not to be okay.

Antonio T (ca) wrote: Hartos aplausos para el gran Richard Fansworth. Ah, que brbaro con su actuacin en esta pelicula extraamente normal para ser de David Lynch. Se necesita talento para no hacer de esta historia algo sentimental que chorree miel, y Lynch lo logra. Es tierna, sencilla, linda y bonita. Todo esto hecho de manera magistral por el gran David L. Es maravilloso por que an con el cambio drstico de surrealismo a esta trama lineal y convencional, se nota el estilo, se nota que es de Lynch, la msica de Badalamenti, los close-ups durante largas charlas, etc, etc. Es la segunda mejor pelcula de Lynch, despus de Mulholland Drive.

Jim C (ag) wrote: 'Humboldt County' reminds me of Oregon when I first moved there in 1989, before the latest wave of southern Californians moved there to get away from southern California...but tried to turn Oregon into California North. And by California North, I don't mean northern California, which is very much like Oregon; the community atmosphere, the care, love and concern for one another. Everything about this movie sweeps me back to more carefree days. The role of ex-Professor Jack Truman seems made for Brad Dourif, so much so that I just can't envision anyone else in it. He made his performance seem as natural as breathing or as natural as the breathtaking scenery in this film. Frances Conroy as Rosie was every-hippie-mother I knew from my time in the Pacific Northwest, and was the perfect compliment to Jack. Jeremy Strong was ideally cast as Pete, the former medical student cum pot farmer whose issues with his professor/father seemed minor compared to the reality of federal agents threatening the way of life of the people he had grown to love. And Madison Davenport as Charity was the little hippie girl I knew whose imagination led her to name a stand of shrubs Swan Hollow, her fantasy playground in her family's back yard at the Spirit House south of Salem, Oregon. I wept openly at several points while watching 'Humboldt County', from the sheer beauty of the place, the beauty of their lives, and the beauty of this film. It's rare a film can take me back to a place and time like this one did; but it did.

Greg W (us) wrote: the year is 2080 but cigarette smoking is as popular as ever in this 'Blade Runner' look alike. As in BR, everything is dark and moody and rather slow and incoherent at times.

John S (gb) wrote: Interesting discussion of the issues facing the gay community at the end of the last century. The dinner party scenes were the best. I liked how the ending was resolved - curiously similar to the 6 Feet Under finale, only a decade earlier. I could have done without all the cliche's, however, all wrapped up in the form of an overacting Jason Alexander.

CHELI (ag) wrote: best movie ever and dave you mare dum

Mark T (fr) wrote: Got this on VHS for $2 a while ago and finally decided to watch it. It's actually not too bad though. Morgan Freeman plays a bad ass pimp.