Michele Strogoff - il corriere dello zar

Michele Strogoff - il corriere dello zar

Ever since the death of his wife, the famous and once highly-respected general Michael Strogoff has fallen steadily into a state of decrepitude. The Tartars have again overrun the empire's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Michele Strogoff - il corriere dello zar torrent reviews

Lau H (ru) wrote: This is not an ordinary alien invade earth but defeated by earth force led by america blah blah blah movie. And it is better than most of them IMO. By the way, this movie gives us a new way to look at the alien themed movie.

Sammy M (nl) wrote: As awful as you think it would be, don't watch this movie if you still wanna have faith in Lindsay Lohan's acting ability. Awful movie Half a star : Very Very poor.

ld p (us) wrote: I saw this a few weeks ago. It is interesting but slow. I don't know why I watch a lot of this WW I and WWI stuff. Beautiful country they were in. they went through some really hard times and lived. All told it was a very moving and beautifully told love story. three stars.

Gustavo R (jp) wrote: If my Mom was as hot as his...

Private U (fr) wrote: Great work by Sri Devi and Amitabh.

Aarona G (de) wrote: my favorite western.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Teen Wolff takes a neat, fantastic concept, and dumbs it down into a party movie. The "responsibility" sub-plot isn't handled well, and the horror-aspect of being a werewolf is completely ignored for a few fun ideas in a basketball movie. Not to say Teen Wolf doesn't have its enjoyable moments, but the film barely took use with its concept, and what's left is a mediocre pubescent story.

Samuel C (ru) wrote: A poor man's Taxi Driver, with all of the plot elements, but none of the power.

Lotti K (gb) wrote: If this were made today, I'd be outraged by the sexual politics ("a successful woman is a miserable woman"), but as it is I was dazzled by the "high fashion" costumes, Diana's ACTING, and that "set of piano keys" Billie Dee calls his smile. Yummy.

Andreas O (es) wrote: Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel is translated into a modern tale - again. Initially, the movie has an interesting feel, and Dougray Scott is far from the worst I've seen in the lead role, but it soon falls into a slow, predictable trot. The final act of the film is an annoyingly cliched courtroom drama, which I believe was one of the worst story solutions imaginable. Could have been interesting, but turned out a forgettable experience.

Jason C (fr) wrote: A film I remember from when I was young. Expected to be disappointed rewatching it but was happily surprised. It's a tightly paced little thriller with a creative premise and great (with one exception) character actors.

Doofy H (gb) wrote: Hahahahaha, this one was ridiculous! Tucker was way better in Friday though