Mickey's Treat

Mickey's Treat


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jen b (nl) wrote: it was too fuckin lame to watch more than 2 mins

Kenny N (jp) wrote: No stars. No matter which way you lean...this movie is not funny for anybody.

Aaron G (mx) wrote: Not at all the type of movie that I like - but I couldn't take my eyes off of this earnest, realistic, beautifully shot movie that has no pomp or circumstance about it.

Stuart M (au) wrote: Brilliantly bad. A group of terrorists take out a convoy they think has uranium, but which really contains velociraptors. Exactly as bad as you'd expect. Steals radars from Alien, the riffs from Predator, and everything else from Jurassic Park.

Keiko A (kr) wrote: Well see Take out the Aliens in Aliens and replace it with Dinosaurs and set it on earth and in the Nevada desert. And you get Carnosaur 2. I got to say none of the sequels are good there all average to crap the third is even worse then this it's just so unbearable to watch at least this had some entertaining scenes. But if I had to watch it once more I might just watch Aliens. So recapping what happened at the end of the first film (Spoilers) The Virus failed to initialize and target. And the world wouldn't be contaminated with dinosaurs the military secured the last remaining ones by shooting them dead and burning them. The contaminated victims were burned and buried as well. Then out of nowhere in this the dinosaurs are back and they attack a mining facility not far from the setting in the first film and killing them all. A team of technicians are sent in to investigate. Well of course they run into them and they start dying there helicopter crashes and there's no way out. Like I said if I wonted to see this I would watch aliens. 30% for story just Aliens all over again but this is boring and dull 20% for acting most of them can't act for shit. 70% for special effects are good there truly the only good thing about the film. 60% for characters some of them you feel for when they die other times no. 50% for everything else nothing real good. Look if you have seen the first just skip it and everyone else do the same. Keiko's score 49-100

Seth L (mx) wrote: A very nostalgic family movie!

Greg S (jp) wrote: A sadist who puts on a Grand Guignol off-off-Broadway show as a cover for his white slavery ring kidnaps a theater critic and a ballerina to design his greatest production yet; the plot is just an excuse to show naked women humiliated, tortured and killed. It's a comedy aimed at two groups: those who get aroused by seeing females gruesomely killed, and those who take pride in their capacity to laugh at human suffering.

Francois L (jp) wrote: the best in the serie...

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Interesting film-noir from the post war years. The first person viewpoint makes this a film worth seeing. The bait-&-switch routine near the end was a welcome gimmick.