Micki + Maude

Micki + Maude

A bigamist must keep his wives from meeting each other, which becomes tricky when they're both pregnant.

A bigamist must keep his wives from meeting each other, which becomes tricky when they're both pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilian W (au) wrote: One of the worst movie experiences in a long time. How the majority of critics are entranced by it is beyond me.

Jason L (it) wrote: Typical fan-service-esque movie spinoff of a popular anime series - weak plot but a big ol' adventure involving the whole family.

Cody B (kr) wrote: The concept of the movie was good, but the acting was a bit lacking. The ending also left a lot to be desired in my opinion. Also, the age difference between the men was highly disturbing.

Gabriel K (ca) wrote: I just love Hal Hartley films for their unique originality and low-key philosophy. They always seem to give you something to ponder and never fall into the usual schematic traps. He just might be the most creative and intellectual American independent film director that has total freedom to do what he wants. His film also possess a trait that for me is a good determinant of true quality - I tend to remember scenes or even dialogues from it. Finally, this film is shot entirely in Dutch angles, an experiment of sorts, giving it cool feel and an edge.

Thomas D (fr) wrote: En skn sammenblanding af skre eksistenser i en historie med mere eller mindre tilfldige sammenhnge.

Jonathan P (it) wrote: This is an odd movie for me to rate. In one view (being Mormon myself) I see it as one of the better Mormon movies. It lacks a few things and requires the overly cheesy dialogue and characters, yet on the other side it seemed a bit odd that Disney would do this movie as it is so strongly Mormon. The entire time I was watching I kept hoping that Disney wouldn't make a mockery of some of the things we hold dear. They didn't but they weren't accurate in all aspect either. Either way the movie is a decent portrayal of one young missionaries life with the people of Tonga. I didn't particularly care for Christopher Gorham's portrayal but the movie was good enough to recommend to LDS friends but maybe not everyone.

Vet C (kr) wrote: three of the most irritating men I have seen in one movie - big waste of time!

Anniina J (mx) wrote: A faithful rendition of the stage play. Sweet, old-fashioned.

JessicaAnn D (jp) wrote: What a risque subject to tackle right in the middle of the war! Ginger Rogers plays a former stripper who marries an Austrian baron just as she meets a reporter (Cary Grant) attempting to gain more information about the baron's ties to the Nazi party.Though they have an inevitable romance and such, it is the scenes of life during WWII Europe that fascinate. We become Rogers' naive heroine as she evolves into a spy, a thief and an outcast. Her discovery of the true evils that surround her are the real story here. Grant is great, as always, as a fast-talking type with an eye for the truth. However we fall for him when he falls for the woman behind the jewels and status. He helps Rogers' Katie to find her true self and in that we fall for the both of them.An interesting story, atypical for the times.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Heist films can be really smart and sexy ("The Thomas Crown Affair"), but "Entrapment" is neither. Connery and Zeta-Jones lack chemistry, and there are no heist sequences that wow you. Average film, through and through.

cornelius t (kr) wrote: solid found footage movie. i dislike that genre but there are a few exceptions.

Cindyanne M (kr) wrote: Finally got to see this movie, and definitely want to see the next one.

Paul H (ag) wrote: Great script and film. Frank, funny and produced.