Micky Flanagan: Live - The Out Out Tour

Micky Flanagan: Live - The Out Out Tour

Critically acclaimed comedian Micky Flanagan presents his highly anticipated debut stand-up DVD of his nationwide sell-out ‘Out Out’ tour. One of the UK's hottest comedians, star of Live at the Apollo, Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and The Royal Variety Performance, ruthlessly deconstructs the East End myth with razor sharp observational wit. He tells a comic tale of a working class upbringing, where alphabetti spaghetti is a luxury. Micky has come a long way since then. Thanks to a university education he is now a rare delight–-an intellectual cockney. Not bad for the boy from Bethnal Green. Having been nominated for the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award for best newcomer, his Radio 4 series What Chance Change? was an instant hit with listeners and critics alike.

Live performance from one of the UK's hottest comedians. Star of Live at the Apollo, Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and The Royal Variety Performance, Micky ruthlessly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Micky Flanagan: Live - The Out Out Tour torrent reviews

Jared L (mx) wrote: Underrated comedy. Funny as shit.

Ba Ba K (us) wrote: Great movie about Vietnam!

The Bad G (fr) wrote: A faux documentary that is at times hilarious and confusing. There is a moment when Herzog stares into the camera and asks "can you tell me who is real and who is not?" which could sum up much of the documentary. I enjoyed it for it's subversive humor, it's interesting perspective on truth, as well as the conflict between modern "reality" productions and genuine documentary film making. If you like Werner Herzog you'll probably like this.

Marilee A (ru) wrote: This Precocious Little Bugger is a Favorite Book & Character of Mine.Although I don't have Kids, Just Nieces & Nephews, I "Love Love Love" her & her generous antics that will steal your heart.Endearing

Magnus S (ca) wrote: Remarkable atmosphere.Did sweeds really drive on the left side..?

Chris B (it) wrote: unintentionally hilarious

Jori P (us) wrote: Luc Bessonin elokuva ensimmisi elokuvia. Ihan OK. Varsinkin kun saa katsella nuorta Isabelle Adjania.

Bryony P (nl) wrote: Dark, cruel, emotive and thrilling. In the same style as Watership Down, The Plague Dogs shows us just how cruel man can be. Growing up with these sorts of films, we as a generation grew up with morals. Children these days need films like these. However, do not watch if you don't like sad films.

Nick B (ag) wrote: 80/100. One of my older co-workers is recommending older movies for me to watch, and I enjoyed this movie. The title comes from a song that Ali MacGraw's brother used to listen to all the time... the song sounded more like a radio commentator signing off from an Ohio State college football game (where he went to college and where he met his wife). Ohio State's school is located in Columbus, Ohio. *** Some Spoilers *** The basic premise is that Neal is a dorky playboy- has no real goals in life and just wants to enjoy himself while he's young. He meets Brenda in a rich social club's pool, who is very pretty and fights with her mother about boys. Her mother wants her to date and eventually marry a responsible boy from a Rich family. Brenda appears to date Neal out of spite and as she fights with her mother over her new boyfriend, she pulls away further and ends up sleeping with Neal- like every day until she goes away to college... just to make her mom mad. More on this later. Neal and Brenda are enjoying their summer fling, which lasts only a couple of weeks, then she goes back to school and it seems that she purposefully leaves her diaphram (contraceptive) in her drawer back home for her mom to find. Now both of her parents, even her indifferent father, disapproves and Brenda has no choice but to break up with Neal. I don't think that Neal was super serious and was planning on marrying Brenda, but he did look depressed walking away at the end. This was a nice movie with good acting- nothing was subtle though. Each character was meant to have certain traits- and they were 100% that. Example, Ali MacGraw's little sister was meant to be a brat- and there was no question that she was a brat. Every scene she was in was super bratty. The mother was meant to disapprove of Neal- and every scene she was in she was interrogating him and making it very clear she doesn't like him. The brother was a very likable character, but was like a dumb jock. His most powerful scene I think was one night he asked Neal if he wanted to come in his room to listen to some records- and as they were talking- his Ohio State Columbus song came on and he started daydreaming about his college days I presume when he was happy- then his father burst out of his room and said "TURN THAT OFF IT'S A WORK NIGHT YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR REST". Snap back to reality. Also, when Brenda told Neal that her brother was going to start working for her father's company, he said "what happened to his dream of being a gym teacher?" Brenda said that he was getting married now, so has responsibility. That whole idea of forgoing your dreams to be responsible for your family is an idea that Neal wasn't ready for. One of the better scenes was Brenda's older brother getting married. The ceremony was out of control. Jewish people know how to party. They eat like pigs, dance like noone is watching certainly get wild. I enjoyed that guy blabbing into Neal's ear and following him the whole movie talking about nothing. There was a party earlier in the movie with college kids and I got a kick out it when one kid kept trying to guess what school Neal went to- kept guessing... wouldn't give up. Neal got drunk and started asking one of Brenda's friends the same way. Radcliffe??? No. Dartmouth??? No.. Brown??? Then when he guessed right, he pulled the two kids together to talk about their school nonsense. It was more amusing than I can make it sound with words. I also liked the fact that Brenda's family was rich, but it wasn't cliche in the sense that they were all stuck up and all- the father is not what you'd call a sophistocated socialite (wife and youngest daughter could pass for that though). They were poor at one point (scene with Brenda looking through old furniture) and her father's business became successful. I couldn't get over the fact that Neal looked like a younger version of Mr. Bean. He was very goofy looking and had that quirkiness about him. Impressions I was left with- Brenda had some big time issues- which is very good for a loser playboy like Neal who wanted to have fun with a girl for the summer. She dated and slept with him just to spite her mother, although she was slightly charmed by his dark/rude humor. She had a lot of emotional issues. Neal was not serious about anything- and his stories about his parents living in Arizona and his army stories- who knows if they were true or not. Not sure why he'd lie about that stuff, but me questioning those things goes to show you what type of humor he had. Sometimes, relationships don't have a happy ending and Brenda pretty much ended it at the end of the movie. I felt that she wanted it to end because while away at school in Boston, she couldn't annoy her mother as much by dating Neal. Neal served his purpose to Brenda, so she found a devious way to get out of the relationship. If you like older movies, especially if you enjoy all things Jewish, you'll get a kick out of this movie.

George B (au) wrote: Has its moments, but not that memorable. I'd like to see this remade.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2014-11-08 watched for 2nd time

bob f (gb) wrote: so far still got to watch rest yet