An overzealous priest returns to his home town and ends up battling against his brother for the heart of the locals.

An overzealous priest returns to his home town and ends up battling against his brother for the heart of the locals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Middletown torrent reviews

Andy F (ru) wrote: Desperatey hammy in places but the scary bits are pretty scary. Lifts a lot from Paranormal Activity and that (in this movie's case) is no bad thing.

Edward G (it) wrote: fast paced action an unusual film

Rodrigo S (mx) wrote: La zona es un lugar residencial de clase alta en nuestro pais en donde la seguridad es esencial para la tranquilidad de los habitantes que se rompe cuando ingresan unos ladrones. La trama es interesante ya que maneja algunos temas sensibles: corrupcion, influencias, ley del talion, injusticias y un intento por una critica social en contra de la separacion entre clases sociales. Tal vez algunas cosas se exageran en la cinta pero no por ello se deja de verla con interes con un bune manejo de camaras y con un guion bastante bien logrado. Recibio buenas criticas en Venecia en el ao que se estreno.

Paul A (au) wrote: watched this a few years ago, great movie


Dane T (es) wrote: Entertaining, if a bit wobbly. The Moroccan landscapes are the real star here.

Kim B (ca) wrote: Omg awesome chick flick! Up there with Where the Heart Is, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias,Thelma & Luise, etc... It has an all-star cast and the acting and characters are great. At times the plot jumps around a lot, but the relationships make it worth a watch or two. The humor is just my type dry, cynical, and witty and keeps it from being schmaltzy. They don't relish too much in their own misery which keeps it from being melodramatic, still a tearjerker. Love that house in AZ! Drew is a gem! McConaughey is dull as usual but sexy.

Anna B (ag) wrote: It appears I've been sleeping on James Gray. The plot is a little too familiar, and Edward Furlong is Edward Furlong, but I loved the patient, apocalyptic tone, and Gray's camera, though obviously limited by budget (and a typically bad DVD transfer) is gorgeous. Even though I really liked this, I look forward to him transcending technical limitations.

Bass 9 (de) wrote: Dark, dark comedy! The price for beauty and for some reason Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn have really good chemistry. It's fun to watch.

Ben G (gb) wrote: "I'll tell you where I trained, I trained at Screw You!"

Iain S (de) wrote: Very strange but also pretty good in a very strange way.

Gordon B (ag) wrote: They got some great looking costumes and some even better looking sets, but there's no reason why a movie called 'Planet of the Vampires' should be this slow ...I wanna see astronauts killing bloodsuckers damn it ,and not just have people wandering around fog machines!

Luca V (es) wrote: There is zero pride and absolutely zero glory in this film.

Dirin U (gb) wrote: Overall good movie, but not a fan of the ending. I know it was based on a true story so I guess there is not much you can fix there. Either way, I enjoyed the "eureka" feel of the film.

Dead A (fr) wrote: Title of the movie is very catchy. The movie is okay.

Peter A (mx) wrote: I appreciate what looks like painstaking work to produce an historically accurate portrayal of the events leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor. But I think the filmmakers forgot to give audiences some flavor to hold their attention. That's not to say this shouldn't have been more like Pearl Harbor (talk about going too far the other way), I just felt like I was watching one of those old Disney educational reels about driving or meat packing or something. Most of the characters come and go like cardboard cutouts to the extent where two or three actually stood out. I couldn't keep track of the rest. I feel really bad about all that too. A catastrophe such as the Dec. 7 attack shouldn't be regarded as "boring."

Antwon B (kr) wrote: Highlander is a 1986 British-American cult fantasy film directed by Russell Mulcahy.The film stars, Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, and Roxanne Hart. The star of the film is Christopher Lambert, he stars as Conner McCloud the Highlander. You might know Lambert from Greystoke: the legend of Tarzan. The film begins in 1985 when McCloud is checking out some crappy wrestling match. It's a rouse. He's really there stalking another immortal. Immortals can sense each other out like a spidey sense. The rule is that "there can be only one." So they seek each other out and once discovered they fight to the death. Death comes only by beheading. Some immortals become life long friends. While others become bitter enemies.. The film goes backward and forward in time. It speaks to the hero's journey. The movie is often mistaken for a time traveling film but it's not. The film takes place in the present time and it shows flash backs to accent the story. It's a very non linear way to tell a story and for the era, the 1980s it was very original. One of McClouds friends is Juan S,,,nchez Villa-Lobos Ram,,,rez (Sean Connery), who claims to be the Chief Metallurgist for Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. When they first meet, Ramirez has to convinced McCloud that he's an immortal, but McCloud think that it's some b.s. And so the adventures begin. The movie is a sweeping adventure about friendship love loyalty and loss. It's a romantic story that was ahead of its time. During its original run it was a box office failure but gained an audience thru VHS sales and rentals and positive word of mouth. It later spawned several sequels and two t.v. series and a cartoon. It's a shame that the director Russell M didn't understand his own product by ruining the sequel. Even his cinematography for this film was Awesome! His transitions from the past to the present was amazing. The fighting scenes and the sword play don't hold up, Lambert is not very athletic. The fx is not very good, there's a scene were you can see the cable suspending the actor in the air. Never the less I say see it, the original theatrical release if you can find it.The music is something special. It was composed by the late Michael Kaman. It is beautiful and haunting. The music during the scene with Connor and his wife is elegant. Michael Kaman composed the music in this film along with Queen. This will also be one of Freddy Mercury's last album appearances before his death in 1991. Michael Kaman is an excellent collaborative artist mixing it up with Eric Clapton in the Lethal Weapon series and Queensryche in Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1993 film Last Action Hero. Sadly he past away in 2003.An excellent film, but not this version. This is a director's cut. Some scenes go on too long and it drags the film down. The VHS version is much better.