Midlothia is a small, tight-knit town, where everyone knows everyone else's business. On Fred's last day in town, he and his closest friends uncover secrets that threaten the fabric of their friendship.

Midlothia is a small, tight-knit town, where everyone knows everyone else's business. On Fred's last day in town, he and his closest friends uncover secrets that threaten the fabric of their friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cristian T (ca) wrote: The worst JEAN-JACQUES ANNAUD's movie ever!.

Paul B (gb) wrote: Solid, harsh and ultimately tragic thriller from Ken Loach. There are no happy endings here but it's finely performed and believable from start to finish

Thomas D (mx) wrote: They call these films video game adaptations for a reason. They are meant to be adaptations and not just another installation into that franchise. 'Afterlife' feels way more like video game on screen than it does a film by itself.The film begins with CGI filled action sequenced that is flooded with unnecessary slow motion camera work. It's filmed in 3D, so I guess Paul W.S. Anderson was really wanted to exploit that version of the medium and give the audience it's most visceral film to date in the franchise. While there are some moments of brilliant B-movie fun, 'Afterlife' is just more of the same. And sadly it feels like some scenes are ripped right from the video games without any extra CGI or effects done.As if you weren't already tired of the Umbrella Corp being at the forefront of each and every one of these films, they once again make their unwelcomed presence felt. Minus Dr. Isaacs and now adding pretty much the exact same character in Albert Wesker, the Umbrella Corp doesn't do anything they haven't already done in the series. Seriously, in every film Umbrella spies on Alice & company, attempt to take her down, and have a big confrontation towards the end. Besides a rotating supporting cast, the films are all structured the same way. There's a real lack of creativity here.There's one clear reason why these films are made. Money. The filmmakers know how to produce these features and get people to spend their hard-earned cash on them. I enjoy a silly action adventure as much as the next guy, but there needs to be a little more effort put forth before I can actually certify these as guilty pleasure movies. As of now, they're mindless blood & guts action-horror films. However, the way this movie ends got me undeniably a little bit excited to sit down and watch the next one.+Some fun action scenes-But mostly too CGI filled for my liking-Same old story over and over again4.5/10

Joseph A (br) wrote: I enjoyed seeing the imperfections of such a great leader.

ABHIJEET N (us) wrote: it is very simple love story ,abhay & ayesha both are outstnding througout the film,

Shubham G (ru) wrote: I dont think I have to say anything abt this movie ... No amount of silly censoring wud be able prevent the spark and high-voltage eroticism and thrill the movie offers at every minute ....If u expect anything else other than eroticism and skin , probably u shudnt watch this movie !!

William M (ru) wrote: If it doesnt have get in the sequel I cant see it

Khris N (ca) wrote: Before Nico:Above the Law, Under Siege and the Fugitive, Andrew Davis got his start with Chuck Norris in his hey-day with Code of Silence, a Chicago gangster/cop flick with more than passing semblance to Seagal's Nico. Chuck play honest tough cop whoes having a terrible day, dealing with a possible conspiracy in his own unit to cover up a friendly fire incident, a new rookie under pressure, and two warring mob families ready to take the fight to the streets of Chicago, and noone is talking, and Chuck is pretty much on his own as the mobsters number against him, and his fellow police officers close their ranks around him to protect one of their corrupt own. I guess Im drawn to this is because of Andrew Davis' down to earth raw film making infused with good old action and the 80's theme. Chicago comes alive again as it had with Nico, an above average plot played out okay, this is defintley an underrated 80's classic, the unloved grandaddy of cop thrillers which should deserve appropriate recognition. With Chuck leading the way and supported by the usual bad guy in Henry Silva (Nico Above the Law) and the well known Dennis Farina, its a good old fashioned cop thriller with better one liners, a very funny moment of two idiots trying to stick up a "cop" bar and Chuck pretty much doing what he does best. enjoy!

Bryan C (mx) wrote: A modern take on Hitchcock's classic Rear Window, with a bit of humor and teen romance thrown in. Shia LaBeouf reminds us how endearing he could be in his pre-crazy years, and Sarah Roemer (who I frankly never heard of before this) gives a charismatic performance as well. Grade: B+

Faley A (es) wrote: Fantastically fanatic , gore ..violent, raw. sexy , comic and good... loved this movie ..brilliant !

Qasim Arif S (ca) wrote: Excellent Movie...........................

Justin B (ru) wrote: Excellent creepy and suspensful 80's gem that is almost ruined by its aimless and anticlimatic ending that more or less trails off instead of concluding the film and answering any questions we still have.