Jury foreman Edward Weldon's questioning leads to the death sentence for Ethel Saxon. His daughter Stella claims to have killed her lover, the gangster Garboni, just as Saxon was to sit in the electric chair.

Jury foreman Edward Weldon's questioning leads to the death sentence for Ethel Saxon. His daughter Stella claims to have killed her lover, the gangster Gar Boni, just as Saxon was to sit in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam M (jp) wrote: Beautifully bland. For all it's wonder and whimsy; 'Fantastic Beasts' is illogically charmless. It's so blissfully concerned with world building that it forgets to make an enjoyable stand alone experience. It's distractingly gorgeous but peer a little closer at the characters and the heart and you'll find it's surprisingly empty.

Eric C (es) wrote: At the our screening of Blood Brother at the Sundance Film Festival, the filmmakers had to ask the audience to stop our standing ovation. As a host for Sundance Film-Forward and the Human Rights Watch Film Festivals, I've seen hundreds of docs, and Blood Brother is far-and-away the best documentary our group had seen in years, and the best film we saw at Sundance this year - period. The film doesn't just have heart, either, but is full of stunningly beautiful cinematography with scenes that make the filmmakers seem impossibly lucky. The film swells with emotive music, inspired events, unscripted words of incredible wisdom, and moments of raw transparency. In the end, it becomes a film that transcends its genre. At its core, Blood Brother is a universally appealing film, which I believe is one of the reasons it was such a rousing success at Sundance. It is a buddy film, a hero's journey, a drama, a comedy, and a love story all rolled into one epic documentary that reminds the viewer just how beautiful and valuable even the most tragic of lives can be. After the film, Rocky (the subject of the film) and the film crew hung around to answer questions, and it was clear that the film was an honest and genuine glimpse into the lives of extraordinarily compassionate people who truly live up to the radical kindness expressed in the film. It certainly deserves every accolade it has garnered so far.

Saskia D (it) wrote: A visually attractive movie about a Kurdish-Iranian poet who is released from prison after 30 years. Everybody believes he's dead, so there is nobody waiting for him. He goes in search of the woman he was married to when he was arrested and contemplates making contact with her. With the use of flashbacks his and their history is revealed layer by layer, which weighs down on his decision to reveal himself.It reminded me a little of the movie Incendies, although I think that movie is better than this one. After seeing a couple of middle-eastern movies, I have to say it's refreshing to see things from a different standpoint.

Wrik S (gb) wrote: Tried hard, but lacked substance.. comic timing was just about there, but couldnt pull through to make it the laughter riot it ought to be..

Giles D (it) wrote: Excellent stuff but has some major flaws.Toby Kebbell is immense in the lead role, the shoot out in it is brillant for a low budget flick.

Alex K (us) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

tabboo t (au) wrote: James Urbaniak, who played crumb and is Dr.Venture (also Mr.McRomanCe from eternal sunshine) is a garbage man from queens who makes poetry so beautiful it causes people to pass out, regurgitate their shrimp lasagna and see god. He is aided by the most perverse character (reminds me of frank from blue velvet only more fucked 1998 style) who rapes and steals before making breakfast. hal hartley directed it, he also made the awesome "flirt" & "no such thing" - the one with that monster in iceland and the the chick from go. "fay grim" made in 2006 is like a sequel but focus' on parker posey, who will always be Patricia Eden to me, or BRANDI when i smoke more than two joints.henry fool is played by that guy who looks like mickey rourkes retarded step-sister Thomas Jay Ryan, who used to act in Richard Foreman plays like Dracula and played edgar degas which is fucking hilarious. hehe

Dusty L (fr) wrote: This film captures nothing the original show had. The slapstick isn't even funny. It's no wonder Tom and Jerry hasn't been the same after this garbage.

MaryLouise M (ru) wrote: If you haven't seen this movie, you HAVE to get it! It is a great storyline, great cast, happy and sad moments and good laughs in between!

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: Bernardo Bertolucci's sexual fantasy is a bit sick and the film is somehow boring but Marlon Brando revives it with a another powerful performance.

Christopher S (us) wrote: Entertaining old-fashioned Hollywood potboiler from director John Farrow. The plot is hokey and melodramatic at times, but it's fast-paced and has its moments of effective intensity. Not really a classic, but solid entertainment for cult movie fans.

Justin W (es) wrote: this is the second 'chinese detective wong' movie i've seen...and it's just as predictable as the first one. i wish mr. karloff would discover the mystery of why these movies smell like the fart that came from a hunk of limburger cheese instead of starring in several films as a chinese dude.

Carey R (br) wrote: Half a star is generous. Its a shame too, because I get what they were TRYING to do. However, if Christian/church groups wants to accomplish their mission of outreach via large market movies, they have got to produce flicks that are compelling and on par with other films.In Love w/ a Church Girl was amateurish at best! The dialogue was thick and sappy with cliches of "Christianity". The background music was WAY, WAY, WAY overdone - it needs its own IMDB page! The opening credits list "GOD" as an Executive Producer!?! Cheesy and presumptuous, not to mention incredulous.I truly wish I had not seen this movie. I hope others do not think this is the standard set for evangelistic films.

Pat P (ru) wrote: Vomit inducing crap/

Federico E (it) wrote: .....I don't know. Was a bit funny a few times?

Johnny G (mx) wrote: The best thrilling action & love story movie by sylvester stallone.