On December 31st 1999, destiny brings a fugitive prisoner and a depressed middle class teacher together, as the new millennium approaches bringing hope to everyone.

On December 31st of 1999, the destiny brings a fugitive prisoner and a depressed middle class teacher together, as the new millennium approaches bringing hope to everyone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Midnight torrent reviews

Daniel U (fr) wrote: An extremely scary found footage movie that had amazing suspense and scares. However does not have a great plot.

Greg W (ag) wrote: felt like a 'lost' woody allen pic about NYC & its inhabitants

Kenneth D (ru) wrote: From the author of Fight Club, Choke is a bizarre and funny movie. Rockwell's performance as always delivers in this strange tale of sex addiction and life. I found the movie to be entertaining, but there are at times the movie isn't as engaging or amusing. I think the childhood scenes should of been more developed to tie more to the story. But for what it's worth, a bizarre and funny movie.

Andrea K (us) wrote: Videography was alright. I was expecting more information on the sharks about their behaviors and hunting methods but was severely let down. It seemed like a guilt trip about how they are endangered but it didn't explain why or how to make a difference. Why anyone would pay to see this when theirs WAY better shows on the discovery channel is beyond me. I was NOT impressed.

brunette B (us) wrote: i rented this movie only to see the little mee shee thingy and it was only in it for about 10 seconds and i ended up fast forwarding the whole movie because all they did was talk talk talk it was the worst waste of time ever ever ever and DO NOT recomend this movie

Anthony V (ca) wrote: Some interesting mind games between Rickman and Stowe with some actual interrogation/torture techniques make this intriguing.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: rofl at the trailer!!! This is Spiritual Kung Fu

David G (ag) wrote: Ive seen all the Entebbe movies and this is still my favorite because it was shot on videotape not film. It gives it a very haunting air that film couldn't. Great cast too !!

Eric B (it) wrote: "Mediterranee" is a eloquent, beautiful-looking film, but I wonder if over 40 minutes were required to simply say "Time marches on, and we are mere flyspecks." The imagery and narration are intended to be repetitive but perhaps go overboard, and cyclic footage of grisly bullfighting (consider yourself warned), an old fisherman, a dead (or sedated?) girl in an operating room and a couple of attractive peasants don't exactly capture the spectrum of modern Mediterranean life. The graceful tracking through ancient ruins is spellbinding, however. As is the music.

Lisa W (br) wrote: Rodd gave it a 3, Ethan gave it a 1.5. I gave it a 4 for napping through.

Andy R (mx) wrote: One of John Wayne's best westerns imho.

Noname (mx) wrote: Another WW2 movie about americans fighting against japanese's on some island where they are hiding. The main story is about 3 heroes traveling around usa but they dont think they deserve to be calling "heroes". The movie jumps back and forth "during the war and after" and we get to know the characters a bit better. I liked it but for me saving private ryan are alot better ww2 movie still its fun to see this Clint's story.

Vern L (br) wrote: Boring people behaving badly.