Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Three beautiful female athletes take a weekend off from training to vacation at a relative's villa complete with private beach. While relaxing, enjoying the water, and topless sunbathing the girls' weekend alone is interrupted by three escaped criminals on the run. Led by Pierre Luigi, the three criminals take the girls hostage and submit them to torture and rape before the girls get their bloody revenge. Shot in Taranto (Italy), near Lido Azzurro.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Midnight Blue torrent reviews

Dave T (ag) wrote: Pretentious directing uncovers what is the usual bland mix of a modern day (wealthy) high school kid with too much money and resources on his hands. Fascinated with internet porn, he takes a distrurbing turn when filming the deaths of two peers overdosing on drugs. Part teen-age angst, part-Blair Witch. I was bored.

Brandon J (au) wrote: It had a facinating twist. Johnny Depp gave a good performance. The script was good. Three reasons why I liked it. Even though they made the film seem like a horror movie by it's cover, it was not a horror film to me after watching it, but more of a Mystery, Drama.

MARS D (gb) wrote: The top assassin in Asia is openly challenged by a cocky, flamboyant killer in this engaging action film.

Silvia H (gb) wrote: One of my favourite movies from one of my favourite directors. It's very poetic and there is a beautiful final scene on the beach. So beautiful that the crowd applauded on the theatre!

Private U (us) wrote: You can't find it on DVD, I hadda look on Ebay and get it on VHS. This is a pretty legit movie, it is not a simple-minded account!!!

Andres G (ca) wrote: Not that bad result with such a cheap production in Romania.Still, you can safely skip it. Nothing new under the sun.

Simon D (kr) wrote: Not a bad film but could have been a lot more concise had they not had to shoehorn in a load of broadway musical songs to keep Minelli happy. I though that this could have also given across a strong message regarding abusive relationships but completely failed to, perhaps instead trying to show us how things were at the cost of us not liking the main characters very much and upsetting the feminist element.

Paul D (us) wrote: Sigh...I'll never get the time I wasted watching this back! Ye all be warned! Not even Jodie Foster could save this! Take a pass.

Manny G (us) wrote: just when I thought movie 43 was the worst ever. I was wrong, very wrong.

Molly R (fr) wrote: A very enjoyable comedy about love and what attracts us to others.

Marta R (ru) wrote: I didn't quite get it all, but @ the end, it came together... not a bad film.