Midnight Clear

Midnight Clear

On Christmas Eve in the Arizona desert, a middle-aged man (Stephen Baldwin) and an old woman (K Callan) contemplate suicide. But through chance run-ins with strangers and perhaps some divine intervention, they cross paths and change each other's life forever.

On Christmas Eve, Lefty is a homeless and unemployed alcoholic loser that will lose the right to see his son. In despair, he trades a gun and is ready to heist a convenience store and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gadget M (fr) wrote: midget farms and fights, strange plots and mixed up conversations make this film excellent viewing lol

bill s (it) wrote: Just creeps along at a snails pace but the acting is good while the film as a whole.... not so much.

Joe J (nl) wrote: In 1949, a woman was born deformed and cursed by her parents. As she grew up in solitude, kids would come over to her house and give her their teeth in return for presents, but instead the woman would kill them and curse their souls to wander the earth forever.In present time, Peter (Lochlyn Munro) has turned the old witch's house into a bed and breakfast and invites his girlfriend Darcy (Chandra West) and her young daughter Pamela (Nicole Muoz) for the opening weekend. Not soon after arriving, Pamela sees a young girl who warns her about "the Tooth Fairy" who will kill her and keep her soul on earth when she loses her last baby tooth. Not soon after Pamela is attacked by the Tooth Fairy and her tooth falls out, so she spends the rest of the movie trying to avoid her as she kills everyone around her, and it's up to her and her ghost friend to defeat the witch and free the children's souls forever.Does this movie sound familiar? Yep, it sounds a lot like "Darkness Falls," but fails in every aspect, except one - the young actress who plays Pamela. She gives a great performance despite the shoddy directing, acting and writing. Other than that, the movie is downright laughable. This supposed witch-spirit has to carry a hatchet around, along with a nail gun and any other type of weapon she can find.

Joe P (ag) wrote: possible the worst acting ever. but it's so bad, you just have to keep watching.

Ian C (ca) wrote: The best thriller I have seen since 'Zodiac'. It really is uncomfortable viewing and at times I had to look away. The Troll makes Buffalo Bill, John Doe and the Tooth Fairy look like The Jonas Brothers.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Not sure why this HBO film was nominated for so many emmys. The story was really dull and boring. Both Annette Benning and Ben Kingsley are great in their roles. Benning more so. But what they lack was chemistry on screen together. There characters have this long epic relationship but all it is, is actions and words. The emotion and feelings simply isn't there. I expect better produced films from HBO films. Oh well they all can't be great I suppose.

Bill C (it) wrote: 2-1/2 Stars Best part of the movie is Pluto the slightly Pink dog does not Die. Low budget "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" painted on a "Thelma and Louise" canvas. Well paced and continually involving. Even if you don't like the Violence and the cliche derivative male characters you won't turn it off until the end. Rachel Weisz character "Pentula" is trapped in a violent relationship with the brother of a mobster. Her character of a blonde ditz is so poorly developed, its hard to feel anything for her. Susan Lynch is much more dynamic of a character as Dorothy, the brains of the operation. The movie really turns into flat cliche when her heroine junky boyfriend shows up and shoots her dog. (But he's OK in the end)

Aswin W (ca) wrote: Another very good heist movie and funny. I think the story was pretty good that wasn't long but enjoyable to watch. The acting was great by all 3 Newman, Linda Fio and Mulroney throughout the film. With characters were good too but no need about the nurse was former prom queen it was like so what. Overall there wasn't enough action only made it interesting to watch was the planning of the heist (well bad thing to do in real life) and who or what will runaway with the money. Worth a watch.

Steed G (ag) wrote: Al Pacino's wet dream unto himself. The only reason to see this is for the opportunity to roar out loud at the casts attempts at speaking with...the only term I can come up with is... "Shakespearean accents," the worst of which undeniably comes from Al himself.

Cameron F (mx) wrote: Tired sequel to the 1982 action classic. The plot is ultimately the same and nothing new to add to the original.

Roberta C (us) wrote: Watch the scene where Jake tries to yank the sheitel (wig) off his wife's (Gitl's) head - and finds out, to his shock, that the frizzy hair is actually her own!

Kay C (ag) wrote: LOVE this movie, but I lived not nfar from the place it was filmed and was a little younger than Hayley Mills. Don't be misled byt the 2003 date. That was when it came onot DVD. It is in fact a 60's black and white film from Lancashire England and they have VERY broad accents. Love it!! A bit of nostalgia!!

Joshua L (au) wrote: I didnt find this movie interesting at all, i mean ya it had a couple of laffs but i cared about nothing and no 1 in this film. Its not bad but its not great either.

Ola G (gb) wrote: Bartok (Morgan Freeman), an ageing Moorish nobleman, watches over his estate-a vassal kingdom to a great empire. Protecting the Bartok clan is Commander Raiden (Clive Owen) and his elite soldiers, who also serve Bartok. Raiden is surprised when Bartok tells him he is to be his heir, and gives him a sword. The empire has become corrupt and the evil minister, Geza Mott (Aksel Hennie), humiliates Bartok by beating him with a stick for failing to provide an adequate bribe, until Bartok retaliates - which is treason against the crown. Bartok is put to trial where he speaks openly of his disdain for what honour has become in the empire. He is sentenced to death and Raiden is ordered to execute his own master. Bartok's estate is divided and the Bartok clan is disbanded. Geza Mott suspects Raiden will demand vengeance, and has his trusted warrior, Ito, watch Raiden to ensure there is no possibility of revenge. A year passes and Raiden is now a drunk. Geza is still highly fearful of Raiden's wrath and demands half his father-in-law's troops to safeguard him while he completes construction of his newly fortified estate, with more soldiers than the emperor's own security detail. Raiden's wife, Naomi, couldn't bear to be with him as he had fallen so low, with Raiden even selling his sword for more drink. When Bartok's virgin daughter is offered to Raiden in a whorehouse, he shows no concern for her but leaves the premises. Geza finally lets his guard down and stops watching Raiden. It is now revealed that Raiden and the Bartok clan soldiers sacrificed everything for the illusion of a complete defeat, and have been waiting for the right time to group and together regain the clan's honour by avenging their master's death...On Rotten Tomatoes, the critical consensus reads, "As blandly unimaginative as its title, "Last Knights" revisits well-worn sword-and-sandal tropes without adding anything new - or interesting - to the genre." This non placeable medieval adventure offers nothing intriguing nor exciting. The plot is predictable, generic and stale. The pace is slow and the acting ok/mediocre at its best despite the presence by Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen. Aksel Hennie hardly impresses as Geza Mott. He is over the top in his character and not convincing. The idea of taking the way of the samurai and placing it in a Medieval world of knights in some non historical period makes less sense. If the story wouldve been place in the actual Medieval world of knights it might have worked. "Last Knights" doesnt engage you as a viewer and you keep on hoping something will lift it but it never happens. Leave this one out.

Raisul I (ca) wrote: Regardless of the fact that the plot is severely predictable & some of the scenes look stupid due to bad execution, One can not hate when Sophia Myles is there.

Farah R (ru) wrote: A satisfactory indie drama sustained by the heartfelt performances of its adept cast and sentimental story. There's much to be entertained by as the music or songs are enjoyable and it's rather simple to connect and relate to the emotional aspects of the plot.

Jeffrey R (ru) wrote: A movie that completely depends on its concepts, and luckily they were interesting.