Midsummer Madness

Midsummer Madness

A comedy that follows a group of people immersed in Latvia's summer solstice celebration, the shortest night of the year.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English,Latvian,Russian,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:forest,   magic,   police,  

A comedy that follows a group of people immersed in Latvia's summer solstice celebration, the shortest night of the year. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob B (es) wrote: Really good film had me tapping my toes inside my shoes and humming the tune on the way home. Wanted to see it again almost as soon as I had left. There is lots wrong, some of the singing is weak and a lack of attention to detail especially at the start. I did not care. Only failed to get 5 stars because it felt slightly too long.

Mahesh P (au) wrote: Katrina Kaif. That is all.

Dan C (de) wrote: It looks like Kick Ass and Super, but this film isn't really a comedy. It's actually quite a sad and touching film. Good stuff.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Disney's kind-of thrilling sci-fi remake of their own that serves to present the newer audiences to the "Witch Mountain" films with its action sequences and stars. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Ricky W (ru) wrote: Bomb It makes me want to pick up a can and spray something. It shows both sides behind from the art and freedom of expression side to the criminal vandalism side. all in all i thought it was very thorough and fun to watch.

Kirat P (br) wrote: i cant give more than half for this rubish even the half star is for the song tauba tauba

Matthew T (de) wrote: Sweet, sad, romantic, heartfelt.

Nicholas B (it) wrote: Fight Club is timeless masterpiece with interesting characters, amazing acting, David Fincher's chaotic direction, unforgettable quotes, thought provoking themes of Existentialism and Consumerism and in my opinion the best plot twist of all time.

Joanna R (ru) wrote: Rohmer sticks to the "very, very french" genre. We have old philosophy teachers in dealings with their students , windeyard chatter, the complications of affection and all the other what nots. It's ok in that it's psychologicaly convincing, though I have a hard time assimilating it in the "nouvelle vague" movement.

Evan H (nl) wrote: this movie was campy and over-the-top, but that doesn't stop it from being a good movie. Patrick Stewart playing a gay character? Count me in!!

Douglas G (gb) wrote: Kathy Bates is great in this movie, and I am surprised she goes unmentioned. Hector Babenco shot this film in the rainforest, an almost impossible task for anyone. A great tale of cultural misunderstandings and the way to hell being paved by good intentions.

Jenna I (ru) wrote: HAHA What a mess!! It's worth it for a couple of scenes, but the lack of plot and slightly off musical numbers take their toll. I love me some Anna Karina and Brialy and Serge and Marianne but this is just hilariously bad.

Noah S (ru) wrote: The cast is good but the movie's a bit yawn inspiring. I would rent it/buy it as a first date movie.

NotDave S (de) wrote: It doesn't make a lot of sense the first time you watch it. But this is a beautiful, sometimes disturbing visual realization of a phenomenal, poetic rock opera. A must-see for Pink Floyd fans.

Morris N (mx) wrote: Wow. It's really bad. I hoped it might be campy fun. It wasn't. The only things I can say in its defense are that Jane Fonda stays in character, which is amazing given what a crashing bore this is, and the visual aspects of the film are somewhat interesting--very 60s psychedelic with some experimental special effects for the time. I did not finish it, and I skimmed over lots of it. I'm stunned to see 72% of critics like it, and 58% of fans like it. What does bother me is that some men actually fantasize about women in this way. I wonder what they are smoking, and how many women they actually know?

Chris H (ru) wrote: I've been flying for over 20 years. The first few minutes of this film are some of the most accurate aviation imagery I have ever seen. They really capture the intensity of an in-air emergency.

Kevin R (de) wrote: Any girl who was my girl is still my girl. That's the type of guy I am.Pearl Chavez is a half breed at a time of native American mixed children were frowned upon; however, Pearl is beautiful and adopted by a man with two sons. The sons grow up one good and one bad and both in love with Pearl. The bad one gets her, and the good one moves away; but when things go bad for Pearl, hopefully the good brother will save her."Act like I'm not even here. Act like we never even met."King Vidor, director of War and Peace, The Citadel, The Fountainhead, Lightening Strikes Twice, The Big Parade, Three Wise Fools, and Dusk to Dawn (1922), delivers Duel in the Sun. The storyline for this film is very good and was intense in several scenes. The acting was astronomically good and the cast contains Gregory peck, Joseph Cotton, Lionel Barrymore, Jennifer Jones, Lillian Gish, Harry Carey, Otto Kruger, and Butterfly McQueen. "I should have done that to you years ago."This was a surprisingly good western where Peck delivered a magnificent villain role. His performance was so wiry, loose, and unpredictable. His character had a ruthless swagger that gripped the picture and didn't let go till the final scene. This is a must see for fans of Peck and a very unique role for him."I bet I can hit that ding dong straight on."Grade: A

Scott R (gb) wrote: Some good melodrama set in the mountains of Spain. Although it is slow, it still is well Made and beautiful.

Todd A (br) wrote: What starts out as a standard underdog sports film takes a left turn to become a heartfelt drama, which only works because we are so attached to the characters.

Troy K (br) wrote: Wow this is bad...turned it off pretty soon after they had jumped to modern day. What are Rufus Sewell and Colm Meaney doing in this crap? Most of these reviews are for the wrong movie, but they both sound like crap so just skip both of them.