The film depicts a stubborn farmer who refuses to adapt to new rules that require him to leave his milk on the village common milk stool instead of his own. Milk truck driver is on his side and gets the milk that he continues to exhibit his milking stool.

The film depicts a stubborn farmer who refuses to adapt to new rules that require him to leave his milk on the village common milk stool instead of his own. Milk truck driver is on his side and gets the milk that he continues to exhibit his milking stool. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bret F (it) wrote: a casual fun loving and simple feel good movie that is carried home by the comedy gold of Kevin Hart.

Ben L (ca) wrote: When I first saw Spider-Man in the theater 14 years ago I hated it with a fiery passion, because he was easily my favorite comic book character and I felt this movie betrayed me completely. I now recognize that overly dramatic reaction was an exaggeration based on the fact that I felt so disappointed. I went in wanting perfection and it didn't deliver, so I hated it. Seeing it again now, knowing what to expect, I didn't despise it at all. However, I don't love the movie, it was kind of a mixed bag for me of positives and negatives. So I thought I'd break this review down into my core opinions:Positive = While they eliminated the whole Gwen Stacy thing, otherwise they did a pretty solid job of sticking to the comic book's origin for Spider-Man. From "with great power comes great responsibility" to his first wrestling match, they made a solid attempt to appeal to the fans.Negative = The film felt a tad rushed because they had so much to get through in order to reach the final confrontation with the Green Goblin. So many things didn't make sense in the plot because they wouldn't take their time to explain it properly or let the characters develop in a logical way.Positive = They made some really brilliant casting decisions in a few roles that I could not imagine going a different way. J.K. Simmons is the perfect fast-talking J. Jonah Jameson, Willem Dafoe is delightfully menacing as Norman Osborn, and Kirsten Dunst is a charming love interest who manages to sell some not-so-great lines of dialogue.Negative = The CGI and green-screen work is not good and has not aged well. You can always tell when they make the transition to effects and it stands out like a sore thumb.Positive = They did some action sequences using practical effects, and those were really well done. The costume for Spider-Man looked pretty great, and therefore any still shots or practical stunts were excellent.Negative = The Green Goblin's armored suit is horrendous. He looks like a character plucked right out of a Power Rangers episode, and doesn't belong in the same film with that good Spider-Man suit. Also it takes away the joy of seeing Willem Dafoe's villainous snarl, which might be the best one you'll see from any actor in Hollywood.Positive = I like how they touched on the fact that Peter Parker has a tendency to over-extend himself trying to do too much at the same time, but they didn't belabor the point and make it the focus of the whole film. The simple passing references to getting fired from Dr. Connor's lab for always being late was enough for us to know what's going on without having to see him constantly annoying everyone with his tardiness.Negative = Remember how I said they made some great casting decisions? Well the most important one is where they really dropped the ball. I cannot stand Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It's hard for me to explain, but his dweeby personality just doesn't fit. (Peter Parker was more of a Nerd or Geek, not a Dweeb, and there is a difference.) I don't like his child-like voice coming out of Spider-Man, and I cringe whenever you actually see his face and are supposed to believe he's in a fight scene with full-grown adults. He also feels like a complete mismatch with Kirsten Dunst, and they have no chemistry, despite her best efforts to sell it. James Franco isn't much better, but I won't get into that.When I tally it all up I think I still lean a little towards the side of disliking Spider-Man, but at least now I can understand that there are good qualities that make other people like the film.

Claire M (fr) wrote: Must see! Twilight stars Kristen and Dakota + music = Great movieeeee x

Alan V (ca) wrote: All-time best use of a severed finger.

Ryan B (mx) wrote: An excellent and eye-opening look at what war is really like. Though The Hurt Locker is a great film, this is so much more real. The filming choppy, just like it would be during a war. So far, this is the best war film I've ever seen and certainly ranks among my top documentaries.

Gabe S (au) wrote: One of Sayles' worst. Meh.

Tiffany Y (br) wrote: I could see how people think that this movie is a rip-off of Tarantino's work. Still, I enjoyed the plot and acting.

Connor H (jp) wrote: Goofy garbage, yet still slightly loveable.

Ria C (br) wrote: What a waste of time. This movie tries to rip of some of the bigger movie block busters and does a poor job of it. And it isn?t really funny.

Rachel P (it) wrote: Love movies from past times before 1800's. I really enjoyed this movie and plan on taking a look at the book.

Ian C (es) wrote: I haven't seen a gang of scumbags transform as quickly since Zed and his crew in Police Academy 2. As soon as Jackie gets a sniff he has no problem joining forces in taking down a real cop magnet Kingpin. As always the stunts are spectacular.

Patrick D (ru) wrote: Dated, but still powerful. You can't help but snap along.

ClaRita C (au) wrote: It's amazing how it's always the ones we feel sorry for that get crazy and arrogant once they find someone or something that's interested in them. It's a good thriller, the colourful scenery is pretty attractive!.

Les E (jp) wrote: Chaplins first ever movie and it shows. The story was one long slapstick fight. The only reason to take a look is to see the already brilliant timing of the future genius.

CL 9 (kr) wrote: Bill Murray's endearing performance aside, Hyde Park on the Hudson is a relatively loose biopic that fails to justify many of it's assertions.

Chris C (us) wrote: Visually appealing and with a well-rounded narrative, Silverado is pure cinematic gold as one of the best westerns in film that benefits massively from the terrific performances which include Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Brian Dennehy and Jeff Goldblum.