This war drama depicts the U.S. and Japanese forces in the naval Battle of Midway, which became a turning point for Americans during World War II.

The movie chronicles the Battle of Midway, a turning point in World War II in the Pacific, the Japanese invasion fleet was destroyed, and America's string of humiliating defeats was finally broken. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (fr) wrote: The story is stripped down - it hardly examines the thoughts of the band members and barely touches on the music. It almost seemed more of a movie about Kim Fowley than it did The Runaways themselves. Fanning and Stewart are marvelous. Wanted to get to know more of the band. Still, pretty good.

Ellen B (kr) wrote: What a sweet movie! I loved it and I can`t believe it`s a true story!

Jonathan R (ca) wrote: The simple fact that this is a true story is enough to watch it, add drugs, kidnapping, and violence into the mix you have one of the best movies I've seen.

TheScarlatescu R (ag) wrote: well basically the main character is a fucking idiot

Don A (ru) wrote: There's bad movies and then there's this. Now I've always been a fan of Hammer, but I believe that this movie is single handedly responsible for sending them bankrupt as well as killing the vampire mythos for the next 10 years. This movie has a good premise, but suffers from going 'Hollywood' in that it tries to appeal to every demographic, and because of that it fails..not in a subtle way..but in a slow motion train wreck way. In this movie, Hammer tried to capitalize on the Martial arts exploitation of the time and integrate it. Needless to say it did not work. Too many extended fight scenes a really nonsensical plot [why on earth are you raising other vampires to kill off villagers..hello Drac..you're gonna run out of people to feed on as well as attracting unwanted attention to yourself ..expecially after you got killed 3x by Van Helsing , who is strangely enough in the same country you moron] with a lackluster ending. Not exactly a must see. For real Hammer Classics..go back the Cushing/Lee years

Ryan V (au) wrote: Lee certainly looks and plays the part well. I just wish they would've stuck a little closer to the historical figure's real life story and included more of the the Romanov family.

The Phantom C (au) wrote: 20 Million Miles to Earth is dull, but the special effects are terrific.

Alan B (br) wrote: \\\\\\\\\\\\\boring with bad language the excuse to make it "Cool"Waste of 2 hours of my life !

Kan T (mx) wrote: You want the film end after the first 10 minutes!!! A total failure!!!

Lisa S (br) wrote: Road Games is essentially someone trying to make a Hitchcock film that takes place in Australia. The story is exactly like Rear Window except with an able bodied truck driver. The weirdest thing about this movie was that the main actors weren't Australian, and didn't even try to do the accent, yet they're surrounded by Australian actors in the smaller roles. Why not get Australian actors for the main characters? Plus, unlike Rear Window the ending is very unclear and confusing. This movie isn't very good, but it tries to be cool, Keach even gets out some binoculars at one point to hint that this is supposed to be like Rear Window, not that it makes sense for him to use binoculars at that point in the movie. Anyway, this movie fails, but it's not horrendously bad.