Mijn vader is een detective: The Battle

Mijn vader is een detective: The Battle

This is the third movie from the "Mijn Vader is een Detective" film series.

Sam, Mara, Sterre and Ortwin help bungling detective father Max crack his cases. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mijn vader is een detective: The Battle torrent reviews

Damon R (it) wrote: Claire Danes deserved to win the Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Outstanding Lead Actress, and the movie itself deserve to win the Emmy for Outstanding Made-for-TV movie. Temple Grandin made me understand more about autism and its awareness. I should thank my closest friend for recommending that movie to me, and I recommend it to those who either have autism or Asperger's syndrome. It's just right for autism awareness month.

Matt C (de) wrote: Very boring and very predictable. I did have a nice nap about half way through though!

Jonny M (es) wrote: Not seen this yet, rewatching the series first. Anyone of my friends wanting to borrow the series just ask, its fantastic!!

Jess J (gb) wrote: The design is great, but the script is banal, the animation isn't working, and the whole point of porn being the root of all evil seems flat, coming from a director who so clearly get off on making violence look so good.

Russ B (de) wrote: 4/10/2016: An entertaining although not super funny film.

Divyu G (jp) wrote: Probably the worst movie i've ever seen!!!

Ara A (ru) wrote: so beautiful, so soft and intense, an amazing movie

Ilsa L (de) wrote: Love this laugh aloud comedy gem! Charles Laughton is simply wonderful as Ruggles.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: Whilst they didn't need much help, Norris and gossett jr are really dragged down by the truly awful melody Anderson ( she is great in flash Gordon though). But this treasure hunt tripe makes the toes curl.

Kenny C (nl) wrote: im not sure why i want to see it, im pretty sure that i will always like the john waters version way more. but ill give it a try.