Mike Says Goodbye!

Mike Says Goodbye!

After bouncing back from leukemia, 10-year-old Mike is ready to leave the hospital, but his mother never arrives to take him home.

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Mike Says Goodbye! torrent reviews

Matthew K (fr) wrote: Great inspirational story kind of reminds me of myself in many ways :)

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: A bland concoction on the surface about the difficulty of life after the certainty of college (hence the title), noticeably buoyed by the much-better-than-the-material cast. But even their efforts fail to raise much interest in the sugarcoated Disney-esque proceedings.

Natalia F (ag) wrote: Usual inane drivel that makes grown adults alternate between groaning and teeth-gnashing, yet highly popular with resident five year old who would quote lints from the film at random moments for days afterwards.

Tierah H (nl) wrote: Decently funny, little bit heartwarming despite its predictable ending. The actors are all well chosen.

Wayne Z (au) wrote: Awesome, awesome film. John Barrowman is my new favourite actor! Why he was never cast as SUPERMAN i'll never understand, and the fact that he wasn't proves that there are people out there who are severely more wrong-minded than I. This film is a hoot. The shittiest, shitty special effects that are somehow sooo bad but at the same time so damn endearing and re-watchable, terrible worst of the worst acting (Barrowman excluded, but his campness made me laugh ALOT) - great shots of Great White Sharks (a favourite of mine at the moment) and some wonderfully stoopid dialogue make this film a winner for me. I particularly liked the mis-spelling of 'MISTERY' that appeared on a computer at one point. I notice this shit - It registers and endears me to crap like this. Most people dont give a shit and are just steered towards mainstream stuff never discovering gems like this! I got a hellova lot of ENTERTAINMENT from this movie and that is surely one of the key things that a film should deliver. Plus it only cost 3! Bargain! Cannot recommend this film enough!! I just wish John Barrowman had starred in more films that involved sharks - i'd watch each and every one of them!

Trinity C (ca) wrote: Mothra, son of Gamera! (not really)


Dan M (mx) wrote: it's good, the actors played their roles well, especially loved Kilmer's native american "sidekick" character. the ending was a bit too hollywood maybe but it's a good movie.

Matt G (br) wrote: Great writing and a great performance from Hoffman seal the deal.

Scott M (us) wrote: Well, Steven tried to make a comedy into a thriller. But its just not funny. I actually enjoyed it for its action scenes. Belushi can't even make this good.

Alex S (ca) wrote: Very entertaining action packed gangster film from the 70's. Fred Williamson is one of the best actors of the Blaxploitation era.

Al M (nl) wrote: a melhor dupla em tabefe sincronizado, desde os sisters of mercy em pesos mdios.

ClaRita C (nl) wrote: Another proof that nobody gives a shit about education. Everyone wants to win some war that has no legitimate cause, but schools? who the fuck cares!.

Los R (kr) wrote: A drama, whose story was already told a hundred times, this time with great performances. Still nothing special.