Mikreh Isha

Mikreh Isha

A story of the influence of modern life on a woman, who meets a man in a sculptor's studio, has an affair, and is found dead.

A story of the influence of modern life on a woman, who meets a man in a sculptor's studio, has an affair, and is found dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamin F (kr) wrote: This movie is divided into three separate stories and I only managed to make it halfway through the second one. When I saw it in the store I was hoping it would be a gem amongst all the lesser known movies but it was just super super boring.

Aaron W (de) wrote: If you are looking for a somewhat objective, intelligent analysis of Occupy or Anonymous, look elsewhere. This is a pure hit piece that conflates the worst aspects of 40 years of so-called "leftist" protests with what happened in 2011, as if it is one linear development. They find the dumbest people they can find (which, if you look in any mass crowd, there will be many) and make them the spokespeople for Occupy. The juxtapose this with soundbites taken out of context, combined with spooky, ominous music to "prove" that Occupy is part of an organized communist takeover determined to destroy America and our precious way of life. They even assert that if, in the 1960s, those damn lefty hippies didn't get in the way, we would have won Vietnam and millions of lives would have been saved, conveniently ignoring the fact that American weapons killed up to 1 million Vietnamese and enriched weapons manufacturers. Very 1-sided. Zero attempt at objectivity and they don't even mention the intellectual voices of the movement such as Chris Hedges and Chomsky. Minus 4 stars.

Ahmad J (fr) wrote: The first and second halves of the film are each made for a completely different audience, making it almost impossible for either men or women to enjoy the whole thing.

Tasneem S (es) wrote: Slightly dragging 2nd Half but definitely the best of the diwali releases

Jess S (ca) wrote: Super entertaining for the first hour, then it starts to drag. The biggest problem, I think, is the shell game the filmmakers play with the message - giving one argument and then the opposition argument before finally whacking the viewer over the head with what they want you to think. The best docs somehow avoid this. But the film closes strong. The images of Bhutto's return to Pakistan and eventual assassination are truly remarkable and captivating. Worth watching.

Darren C (mx) wrote: Without a doubt this is the worst American Pie in the entire collection. The problem that many people, including myself, had with this movie is that it shouldn't even have the name 'American Pie' considering it literally has nothing to do with it. The only things that tie the two together is the 'Book of Love' which is seen in the very first American Pie, Jim's dad and the name Stifler. This time, the main characters have nothing to do with the Stiflers but they just know him as a guy who happens to go to their school. When the main characters find a book about sex in their school with missing pages, they go on a quest to try and complete the book. It's actually funny for this to be called a comedy as there's nothing remotely funny about this slice of pie. The characters are so boring you could cry, the comedy is recycled trash and the story is just awful. The only good thing about the movie is Eugene Levy but even then, he couldn't save the film. The original series is always going to be better than the 'presents' series but there have been one or two good movies. Unfortunately, The Book of Love isn't one of them and try as you may, it's hard to forget it. It's just absolutely, horrifyingly awful. Don't buy this, don't rent this and don't even watch it if it's on TV. Avoid this at all costs! The poster above says that the movie is 'too hot for cinemas' but what it really should say is 'too crap for cinemas', at least then it'd be closer to the truth. Even with zero expectations, The Book of Love still managed to disappoint because of it's lazy writing, it's one-dimensional characters, it's poor performances and crap humour. Usually, even the poor 'presents' films have something funny about it but this has nothing. Not even Eugene Levy could save this atrocity. It's a shame that the 'presents' series had to end on a bad note but with the release of American Pie: Reunion, I can probably see there being more.

Greg W (us) wrote: another lost review TY flixter!

Christopher L (mx) wrote: This is an ugly, witless, useless motion picture. Adrien Brody's participation is the only real mystery in this lame, obvious thriller. One of Argento's absolute worst pictures.

Anthony E (mx) wrote: This was a very nice addition to the tv series, Stephanie Jacobsen was a good choice when bringing this all together.

Chris C (gb) wrote: Would have got three stars right up until the ending. That was just dumb.

Millo T (us) wrote: It is maybe due to that I read the original book and I liked it much, but the representation from the movie looked to me a little pale in comparison. Between 2.5 and 3, although the book has a much higher valoration.

Mark V (nl) wrote: I watched this when it came out in 2004. I was like 15 so of course, my 15 year old self found many things hilarious about this. 26 year old me only finds one thing funny about the movie: Terry Crews.What boggles my mind about this movie is not how bad they look but how bad of agents they really are. In the beginning of the movie, their plan was be undercover in some sort of store and when that store gets a shipment of cocaine posing as ice cream, they were going to bust the dudes. To be undercover, you know where you are trying to not attract attention, they pretend to be two Cuban dudes and were sure to emphasize HOW Cuban they were. They danced, they screamed, I believe there was a Santa Maria or something along the lines said. Hilarity ensues when they bust actual ice cream dealers. That's all I need to say about the plot. The rest is convoluted and stupid. Casting (other than Terry Crews) is terrible. Home Alone Dad really being the villain? You mean the guy who left his kid at home TWICE during the holidays is not a good person? The White Chicks friends only know how to convey information through screeching. Terry Crews THOUGH. Terry singing that "Making My Way Downtown" song and his facial gestures are hilarious. Everything Terry does in the movie is funny. Too bad he's only in about 15 minutes of it. This movie also reminded me of how bad the state of comedy and fashion were during the time. Half shirts? Whale Tails? Oh god. END THIS.

Sondre L (mx) wrote: Veldig kul! Og ganske morsom endel ganger ogs. Bra sta brosja. Til tross for at, som Marius sa, alle heter Fares Fares Fares Fares Fares.

Chanel C (gb) wrote: You can't go wrong with Shirley MacLaine and Brendan Franser. Add in the gay butler Paco and you've found a winner!

Phillie E (ru) wrote: Much schlockier than the first one, but serviceable to it's target audience.

Matthew B (es) wrote: "Maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we've never seen. A flatworm could write a better script and in some countries - China, I believe - running [the movie] once a week on government television has lowered the birth rate to zero. If they ran it twice a week, I believe in twenty years China would be extinct". - Sylvester Stallone reaction to the film and claiming it to be his worst movie, which he isn't wrong about that.

Armando B (nl) wrote: First of all Melissa George is so beautiful, and a great actress. The movie was good, suspenseful and creepy, keeps you on the edge, acting was believable the plot was not your usual scenario and was a nice change of pace. Great movie to watch. As that being said for this being a good suspense movie for a low budget film, I give " The Betrayed " a C.

Gordon B (jp) wrote: In this film, the government has turned drive in movie theaters into prison camps. If that premise interests you, then seek out this little seen Australian film, if it doesn't please stay away

Jack D (es) wrote: I was a bit worried when I heard that Scorsese had a film that was rotten on RT, but went into it open minded and wasn't disappointed. It features a very different style to most of his films and perhaps without this film and the advise from one of his friends we wouldn't have all his great films. Boxcar Bertha is an underrated and under appreciated classic!

David F (it) wrote: Classic early Woody.