Hero is in love with a girl who is forced to marry a police officer. Hero is later forced by his parents to marry a girl liked by them. Here starts the trouble again, even she wants a ...

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Milana torrent reviews

James R (jp) wrote: This movie isn't as bad as the critics hit it with. There's an actual pretty good pace throughout the film, but I would say the first half holds up much better than the second half of the film. A man named Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is on the run after escaping from prison. Nick is an ex cop who was framed by David Englander (Ed Harris) a businessman who made it look like Nick stole a precious diamond years back. Nick hashes a plan to make it look like he's going to kill himself while his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and his girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) attempt to break into Englander's vault to prove the diamond is still there. The movie also features Elizabeth Banks as a negotiator named Lydia Mercer, Anthony Mackie as Nick's old partner and friend Mike, and Edward Burns as a fellow negotiator named Jack (who is so underused in the film might I add). The movie has some good moments in it especially before you realize what the real plan is, but it falls flat on a few too many spots. Sam Worthington's Australian accent kicks in and out and it kinda gets annoying. We have some characters that don't do much like Jack and even a reporter played by Kyra Sedwick. There just there to be there. Also the pot in the last 20 minutes gets ridiculous when you think about it. The crime itself seems very dumb that Nick is framed for and in today's society I can't imagine anyone getting away with it. Overall, a decent rent, but don't buy it!

Tara M (jp) wrote: Love this movie and the cast!!!! Hilarious!

Private U (us) wrote: Do not see this film if you value your brain.

Michael N (kr) wrote: Boogey man is anything but boogey , Full of jump scares and a horibly slow pace. This is one of the worst horror films of the 200's.

Katie S (br) wrote: A great Titanic documentary.

Dustin F (gb) wrote: Underrated indie crime flick! I know Carl Franklin has gone on to directing a lot of television but I'm still interested to see what he'd do with a modern, gritty feature film. Great acting from everyone, including the much-missed Bill Paxton. Worth seeking out!

Bengt W (it) wrote: Nagelbitare om kommunistjakten i Hollywood. Rapp och vlgjord ven om den fegar ur lite.

Dann M (es) wrote: Steven Spielberg presents the silly and quirky family comedy *batteries not included. The story follows the residents of a rundown apartment building that are visited by a pair of alien robots that fix things; meanwhile a land developer works to evict the residents and tear down the building. It's a convoluted plot that makes no sense, and the characters are paper thin. The robots have an interesting look, but they're not fleshed out either (as they come and go for no particular reason). Also, the jokes are rather formulaic and predictable. Unfortunately, *batteries not included is little more than a stereotypical band of misfits fighting an eviction type film with robots thrown in, and it doesn't really work.

Brian William B (kr) wrote: Compelling, multi-layered, and action packed with sweet fashions and synth music from 1984. The questionable political correctness of the Chinese Downhill. Plus it has boobies. What's not to like!

Kyle M (jp) wrote: Like all true story based films, they're wonderful, but this is one of the most wonderful of all with a warming heart. (A-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Produced and directed by Stanley Donen, (Singin' in the Rain (1952), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) and Bedazzled (1967)), and written by M*A*S*H creators Larry Gelbart and Sheldon Keller. This is a double bill throwback to the films of the 1930's, the ones that Donen would have grown up with, it feels authentic as well, with a good cast as well. It begins with black and white boxing film Dynamite Hands, where aspiring lawyer Joey Popchik (Harry Hamlin) has a good talent as a boxer, but when his sister Angie (Kathleen Beller) needs an eye operation in Vienna, he takes on boxing and becomes a champ, but runs afoul of mob boss Vince Marlow (Eli Wallach). Then, in Baxter's Beauties of 1933, veteran theatre producer Spats Baxter (George C. Scott) is dying from a heart condition and is looking to put on one last Broadway show, and he employs Dick Cummings (Barry Bostwick) to do it, and Cummings' girlfriend Kitty (Rebecca York), is cast in the show, even managing to replace spoilt, drunken starlet Isobel Stuart (Trish Van Devere), and the show goes on. It's the Grindhouse of the 1970's, only more light hearted, with it's tongue in it's cheek and with Donen managing to do well with it's look, especially the musical segment, with a good supporting cast including Red Buttons, Art Carney and George Burns. Pity it was all downhill from here for Donen.

Robert W (jp) wrote: I think this is a love or hate movie - I love it. It is beautiful to look at, the audio is interesting and the depiction of what has been so romanticized seems so much richer then the romantic version.

Cheryl L (fr) wrote: Great humour from Rupert Grint and James Buckley the few times they were in the movie. Otherwise the film was sort of strange and predictable and a little boring.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: A good action movie even when seen again in 2014. Good performances with good direction does justice to Clancy's novel

JohnnyLee T (kr) wrote: Overlong and repetitive screenplay. O'Toole is charismatic. Followed Lawrence's disillusionment with his Arab followers, but he must have been equally disillusioned with the deception of the British and French. This is referred to but Lawrence is largely left out of it and we are made to believe his disillusionment is more to do with the Arabs rather than the politicians. I think the reverse is probably truer. To see him confront those who betrayed his ideals would have given balance to the movie. The motorbike death is portrayed as an accident. I had the impression that it was not. In all, Lawrence was probably even more fascinating than he is here. His probable homosexuality is never referred to (his masochism is hinted at).I watched the 218 mins. DVD.Middle-East still a battlefield 100 years on.Forgot to mention the great performance of Omar Sharif who matches O'Toole perfectly. Worth watching for these 2 performances alone.