Milano violenta

Milano violenta

A gang pulls a robbery, which goes seriously awry. In their eagerness to escape they start shooting and it turns into a bloodbath, after which they take hostages in their escape attempt. ...

A gang pulls a robbery, which goes seriously awry. In their eagerness to escape they start shooting and it turns into a bloodbath, after which they take hostages in their escape attempt. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt M (gb) wrote: This movie is intense. Another collaboration of Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg that is absolutely intense and moving! This movie is one that everyone needs to see.

Deb S (es) wrote: "Your impetuous search for a meaningful relationship is flawed at best....and it's a little gay!! A successful businessman meets the woman of his dreams, Amanda, only to discover she harbors a shocking little secret about her past. Will he be able to ignore this secret and see Amanda for who she really is, a beautiful woman who just wants to be loved for herself? To say more is to spoil it so just watch it to find out.

Adam E (fr) wrote: The late David Hess' madcap energy fuels this appropriately campy love letter to the Godfather of Gore.

Jho R (fr) wrote: Wow...this movie didn't know what it really wanted to be...

M D (nl) wrote: Songcatcher shows the Smokies almost as beautiful as they are in real life. The music shines with perhaps too much polish but is well done and enjoyable. Otherwise, this movie was the most sexist tripe I've seen.

Bradley F (ag) wrote: As I was going into this movie, I really thought Barb Wire was going to be just as bad as Catwoman or Batman and Robin. Also I heard the film is just action type rip off of Casablanca. I have never seen that film, so I can't really make any comparisons. I must say though, Barb Wire is a really bad movie, not the worst but still it's really bad. Barb Wire (Pam Anderson) is a Bounty hunter working right in the middle of the second American Civil War. There is a plot regarding a new type of Aids Virus called Red Ribbon... and honestly that's all I got from this movie. Really, the plot of this film is really confusing at times. We can thank the clumsy and sloppy dialogue for that. Yes, this film suffers the same problem as Gigli, the writing and dialogue sound absolutely ridiculous. More than half the movie, I had no idea what anyone was talking about. Whenever anyone said anything, I would think to myself "What the hell"? Even when you read the synopsis of Barb Wire, the plot still sounds confusing and it makes no real sense. It also doesn't help that practically the entire cast either can't act or just doesn't give a performance at all. And yes, Pamela Anderson can't act to save her life. Which is actually a shame because there are times when I se her trying to have emotion. Sadly though, a lot of the time it comes off fake and almost like she doesn't care at the same time. Along with that, Barb Wire as a character is just a bitch. And there's not much of a reason for her to be a bitch either. Yeah, we get this weak explanation that her fiance left her. However, that relationship is never explored and Barb never grows or changes from her experiences. She's only good for two things, shooting a gun and showing off her boobs. With all that being said, there were a few scenes that I actually had fun watching. A lot of the action and gun fights were pretty entertaining. Plus, the film actually has a pretty decent climax, though I must admit the conclusion was rather stupid and pointless. To wrap up this review, Barb Wire is a terrible movie but still I have seen a lot worse. The writing is stupid, the acting is awful and all the characters are pretty much one note stereotypes or flat. However, if you're a fan of big explosions, gun fights, action and really huge breasts you might have a good time watching Barb Wire.

Scott C (ca) wrote: This was about as good as a sequel to 'Under Siege' could have been.

HP K (br) wrote: Voi rk, kun on aika jo koitellut kunnon wirekungfu klassikkoa. Jet Li on huippu vedossa tottakai. Kiinan sijoitusta moerniin maailmaan pohtiva perusjuoni krsii tarpeettomasta sivuhahmojen slapstick komiikasta.

laurie s (ag) wrote: i want to view this movie...i would even be willing to buy it!NOONE HAS IT ON THEIR "movies to buy/rent" list!!! PLEASE GET IT FOR THOSE OF US WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT! THANK YOU!

Ilja S (es) wrote: It may be a faithful movie (especially for its time and budget) but barely anything ever happens in it. No laughs, no thrills, and a way to simple plot to be even the least bit intriguing.

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Bill Murray goofing around for 90 mins is not a movie. 3/10.

bill s (fr) wrote: Clever and interesting are the hallmarks in this funny story.

Tracey c (ru) wrote: Set in New York City, a grieving eye doctor is forced to take a closer look at her life; an aging artist confronts the loss of his eyesight, and a young photographer battles his innermost demons.