Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce

After her cheating husband leaves her, Mildred Pierce proves she can become independent and successful, but can't win the approval of her spoiled daughter.

This film is about Mildred Pierce, a hard-working mother inches towards disaster when she divorces her husband. And then she opens a successful restaurant business to support her spoiled daughter. What will happen with Mildred Pierce and her daughter? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruby H (de) wrote: Contrary to popular opinion 'found footage' is not the easiest of horror sub-genres to tackle. Maybe that's why there's so much grumping whenever one such film is released. I'm no film student or anything but I love 'found footage' horror and in my opinion you need to get at least some things right. First and foremost you need well-defined, rounded characters, so whenever they are onscreen their time should not be wasted. You also need suspense, tension that should feel unbearable (because a proper 'found footage' should also be low-budget, or at least feel like one) and a good climax, a nice twist. Rarely one gets all but at least one is required, if nothing else to get you through the movie.This effort from Spain seriously lacks character development, and considering our protagonists are a family this is an important setback. Tension doesn't show until 50 minutes in and 20 before the end, and though not 'unbearable' it's worthwhile.So far, so-so. What elevates the film (just) above mediocrity is its climax, which is satisfyingly gruesome and unexpectedly grounded, which, come to think of it, is not to be found on better films like Evidence and the mighty Blair Witch Project. Not an essential then but you could do much worse, like driving to your local cinema and watch one of those high-profile dreadful affairs that somehow passes for horror.

Ken F (fr) wrote: Possibly the worst documentary I have seen in four decades. Liza advises this fame-whore to do some research. Fat chance. He asks elementary questions as if he just landed from another planet. He interviews his mom for insight as to why he may be drawn to this subject. She doesn't have a clue, noting he liked "Smokey & the Bandit" growing up, something we already have guessed due to the endless ground shots of him getting in and out of his souped-up Trans Am. An interview subject from Vogue is astonished by his lack of research and knowledge. Their interview is interrupted when Sudler-Smith's cell phone goes off. When the interviewee chastises him, Sudler-Smith is confused because "they are both from the South". Sudler-Smith's ringtone is "Dixie" and the man he is interviewing is African-American. That tells you all you need to know about the clueless Sudler-Smith. He shoots interviews, such as with Ms. Minnelli, over her shoulder so it is he that is on camera. He is always on camera. This film is all about him, and little on Halston outside of some vintage film footage. He asks banal, uninformed questions, and then interrupts the responses five words in. At one point, a subject tells him, STOP INTERRUPTING! Sudler-Smith has brown hair in this scene, blonde hair in that one, then golden hair with a Fu Manchu in the next. This film has less to do with Halston and more to do with immortalizing the fabulous Sudler-Smith on celluloid for all time. What a waste of celluloid. Somebody wishes they were Burt Reynolds in the 70s, or at least a vapid star-f*cker who could do blow and hang out at Studio 54. That fact is the biggest takeaway from this film, which is yet another insult piled on the legacy of Halston. I doubt you can find a "documentary" on Rotten Tomatoes with a lower rating than this one, for good reason. An abomination.

JP C (ca) wrote: JP's RATING: 4 stars out of 4.

Eric H (gb) wrote: An interesting, artsy movie. The editing and some of the dialogue could use some work, though.

Maya G (fr) wrote: i have just one thing to say: PIANO PLAYERS........

Robby R (gb) wrote: It's hard not to expect the worst for the central character in this movie considering his condition and surrounding environment. But, although he may be doomed, the depiction of his downfall is nuanced and intimate, as well as expansive, on a narrative level. The journey is captivating and harrowing, all buoyed by Finney's masterful performance.

Edward K (fr) wrote: reminded me of "The French Lieutenant's Woman," viz. a movie within a movie. Ok, I dozed off a few times but that's why it's one of Bergman's controversial works, even to Bergman himself. I've decided that it's those bleak and moody atmospheres that draw me to his films. Warm and passionate characters set against their cold and barren backgound.

Mark B (br) wrote: a childhood favourite .. which brings back alot of memories.. a must for any Munster's fan or zany screwball 60's comdeys

Indira S (us) wrote: "Sounds to me like mice.Mrs. Teasdale: Mice? Mice don't play music.Rufus T. Firefly: No? How about the old maestro?"

Francis P (ag) wrote: A tale that comes with enough of the kiddy energy but enough fear to scare...

Kristina K (jp) wrote: after I had rented that movie I was afraid of watching it because I expected a bad b-movie - I love vampires. surprisingly Dracula captured me immediately! because it is only "based on" Bram Stoker's Dracula I didn't have any problems with the fact that there are characters missing or added. the whole movie was pure fun. Marc Warren as Dracula was sexy for me, even the wizened-greenish-before-I-drank-blood-Dracula succeeded in transferring a sex-appeal (later: black hair and blond breast hairs - unbelievably great). Sophia Myles who I know from the vampire series Moonlight was great, too, and looks very sexy in vintage dresses. luckily there is no disgusting splatter. the actors are very good, Van Helsing is just sweet. There is a pinch of erotic and some shocking moments. one time I even screamed although I never do that when I watch a movie alone. very often I got goose bumps (sometimes erotic, sometimes horror, sometimes because of monumentality). a very impressive movie! ps: in my family I am infamous for the fact that I like movies which nobody else likes. They just touch me.

James L (gb) wrote: Completely outrageous but once you get over the premiss it's an enjoyable comedy !

Matthew H (de) wrote: The Gold Rush overall is an okay effort on Chaplin's part. Once he gets into darker, more serious territory, the movie doesn't soar as much as funny scenes do. However, the love story adds some spark to the film, so it's worth watching.