Mille, Marie og mig

Mille, Marie og mig

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Mille, Marie og mig torrent reviews

Pete S (es) wrote: Good solid movie with an excellent cast and a good acting job by Woody Harrelson.

Timothy P (jp) wrote: Great Robin Williams lines surrounded by bland plot

Stephen S (it) wrote: This movie basically sucks and makes no sense, but is totally worth watching just for Christopher Walken, who's absolutely hilarious and unhinged here.

Pablito M (es) wrote: Every time this movie comes on tv I watch it, I like it.

Dana S (fr) wrote: Exceptionally underrate movie, has its own feel and super music, casting and visuals.

Michael M (de) wrote: Kafka is an unexpected joy of modern expressionism from Lem Dobbs and Soderbergh, who would later re-team on The Limey. Jeremy Irons plays the one and only Franz Kafka as he stumbles in and out of his own stories, all coexisting and intermingling in the same universe. While he interacts with characters from his work and attempts to solve his friends sudden murder, Kafka finds himself a target of the Castle, a system that controls everything. I had to order a Region 2 DVD from Germany to see this but think it is available on U.S. VHS.

Mike C (gb) wrote: Funny, kind of in the same vein as When Harry Met Sally just not as memorable.

Paul D (gb) wrote: I was really enjoying this film...up until the last 10 minutes of it. Turned it from being a good movie to one that is only "MEH"! Nice try, but it missed.

Diana S (mx) wrote: Excellent and interesting.

Joel F (au) wrote: my sis did not like it