Millenium Day

Millenium Day


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Millenium Day torrent reviews

Tori H (jp) wrote: Kept waiting for a twist. All too obvious and straight forward.

Ritu P (ca) wrote: i love this movie! I have watched this movie so much times! its really funny

Julie M (au) wrote: Some of the dialog is trying a little too hard, but I liked it anyway.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: This masterfully shot film certainly captures the tone of Ian Curtis' artistry, but it often feels like it tries to hard to make us understand why this talented man killed himself. And, it almost feels like the best answer that the film can come up with his the banality of his life. While it captures the music and tone, it also feels somehow false. In the end, the movie is all too simplistic. Sam Riley's performance is fantastic. Sadly, this one of the few times I've been unimpressed by Samantha Morton. It's as if she doesn't belong in the movie. Or, am I missing some point Corbijn / Myren were trying to make?

Yng Y (nl) wrote: here, both sexes clash in a whirlpool of disgust and lust. that constant unconvincing misanthropic philosophical pedantry weakens this depressive affair. it is a feel-bad film which i would have completely loathed if not for breillat's talented direction, especially of women, particularly troubled women.

Coady M (ru) wrote: pretty good movie about faceing your fears even when those fears turn out to be real

Peter F (ag) wrote: Pretty much the animated Slacker. Linklater uses rotoscope to add flavor and intrigue to a slim story with a repetitive format, but it's undeniably dense and transgressive as well.

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Funny at times. Good at times. But casting Natasha Henstridge as an everyday girl...pretty dumb.

Laurie M (it) wrote: Kleenex!Kleenex!Kleenex!

Nick D (es) wrote: My all time favourite movie! Love the soundtrack!

Allen I (mx) wrote: How did I not know how amazingly ridiculous 60s teen movies were?

Jamie I (us) wrote: I must say I am more a fan of the original John Waters flick. (He makes a chuckle worthy cameo during "Good Morning Baltimore.") This version is pure camp. Nikki Blonsky sings her little heart out and she has such a terrific voice. I like all of her songs. One question about her wardrobe...were they trying to make her look unflattering? I did however think she looked much better in her 60s dresses. My favorite song I originally thought was "Welcome to the 60s" but after listening to the soundtrack which I promptly got my greedy little hands on I decided it was without a doubt "Good Morning Baltimore." That adorable girl doesn't need any dialogue or John Travolta interrupting her singing. And speaking of Travolta he looked hideous! I mean nasty. Didn't he used to sing pretty well (or was that all in my head)? His singing is painful in Hairspray. I'll admit I've never been to Baltimore (it's true). Is Travolta's accent a real accent? I mean who in the wide world talks like that? Moving along I used to watch "What I Like About You." I now recall Amanda Bynes got on my nerves in that TV show too. Boy she's annoying. Michelle Pfeiffer was wicked as Velma. Christopher Walken, James Marsden (don't mind looking at him plus he's got a nice set of pipes), Queen Latifah and Brittany Snow were all fantastic. Jerry Stiller loyal to his Hairspray roots makes a cameo. I now know why so many young girls are in love with "High School Musical." Even if he is a presumed primadonna Zac Efron is nice to look at and is a great singer. I don't think I could enjoy him on "High School Musical" though. I was more attracted to his 60s mod/Beatles look. Slicked back hair and tight pants look nice on that kid. I bought this for my mom for Christmas. It's not one I would own though. It's cute. I'll leave it up to you.

David B (au) wrote: This is an excellent misfit comedy. The 15 rating gives it edge that the sequels lack. Public safnny momentsety takes a turn for the worse in this hit comedy, which spawned a long-running FRANCHISE. As a crime wave sweeps through a major city, the mayor decides that part of the problem may stem from overly restrictive qualifications for police officers, so she opens the door of the city's Police Academy to anyone who wants to join. This is a film with wonderful characters that each have a great and funny moments on screen. The script is simple, witty and produces the right amount of laughs without going over board. It is almost a one-joke film but works. A good cast and a film that Steve Guttenberg can we happy with. It does slow towards the final half and the ending is probably the worst part but it started a franchise with hit and miss sequels. Still, it'll always be this original film, that'll always be the best. Micheal Winslow, of course, steals the show as Jones and his amazing sound effects.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Winning blend of culture clash, generation gap, and female empowerment as an English-born Indian girl Jess tries to pursue her dream of playing soccer, much to the consternation of her deeply-rooted traditional family. This was the last movie when you might've asked yourself "Who's Keira Knightley?" as 2003 was her springboard to superstardom - you may have heard about a movie released just one month earlier she was in about some cursed pirates. Her appeal is just as evident here as the striker who recruits Jess off the park pitch into an organized league and the two become fast friends. Parminder Negra is equally charismatic as Jess and a pity she hasn't been in more movies. Sharp eyes will recognize Anupam Kher playing her father as Bradley Cooper's sympathetic psychiatrist from Silver Linings Playbook.Jess' attempt to keep her feet in both worlds provides an enthralling look into a culture with very different values, existing as a country within a country. A crowd-pleaser to be sure, and may be faulted for trying to please too much by fitting everything in a too-neat little package by the end. I also felt uneasy with the evolving relationship the team coach who appears mid-twenties has towards the girls, who presumably are near 18 since they talk about attending university soon, but look more like they are 15.