Million Dollar Mystery

Million Dollar Mystery

A dying man in a roadside diner tells the other patrons about money he has hidden in four places. But instead of directions, he leaves them only with clues they must solve in order to claim the loot.

A disparate group of travelers is eating in an isolated restaurant when a man drops dead of a heart attack. Before he dies, they discover that he is wanted for stealing several million ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Million Dollar Mystery torrent reviews

Lucky G (mx) wrote: Beautiful fucking movie!

Gregory M (de) wrote: This is the kind of movie that stays with you long after you first watch it. It gives food for many conversations and shows the importance in life. It was an amazing story, filled with action and thrilling scenes, but also very interesting for its profound messages. A dystopian Earth, human instinct for survival, a very familiar situation with a very fresh twist. A man's dream became the reason for the creation of this film, that is a very compelling and a very antrhopocentric movie. Chris Evans finally got a chance to show his real acting skills and I swear he delievered some of the roughest lines in the best way possible. Much respect for the guy and his skills! I adored every second, and I'm so glad I found this gem of a film. It saddens me that it's not very well known. It's greater than many of the recent blockbusters! Just watch it.

Jeremy R (kr) wrote: My dad is Chupacabra!What?I mean, my dad was in a fur suit. ???Quality dialogue right there.

Karen H (ru) wrote: 2012-07-07 enchanting. Amy Adams is the new Julie Andrews. 2017-01-14 watched again bcs hubby didn't remember it.

Jarrod C (us) wrote: When reviewing a movie you have to think about it on a relative scale. Anyone who is expecting a novel plot and amazing acting doesn't understand movies. This is a story about the relationship between dogs and humans. Plain and simple and it is well done when you put it in perspective.

Kim S (it) wrote: Very sick storyline, but well done. Alan Rickman's characterization was unique. I always learn something from him.

Indi V (au) wrote: It's a good movie. William Hurt is easily best in show. Marlee Matlin does a decent job, but I wouldn't say she goes above and beyond the call of duty. The music is great and the story is interesting and told very well. Worth checking out.

Laura M (es) wrote: Poor John Rhys-Davis, well known for the Dwarf Gimli in "The Lord of the Rings" from Peter Jackson, and many other Films, making this C-Movie would be not really a Challenge for him. Is his play here more than a guest part, to have him aboard?NOT seeing this Film, will be saving 1 1/2 hours of Lifetime and preventing of getting Eye-Cancer!Bad Effects, bad Storyboard, no Dramatic Art, no Fascination.

Jason L (br) wrote: Great movie. Scarlett Johansson kills it in her role as a "Jersey" girl...

Jung Jae L (au) wrote: How could i now know such a movie like this? Thr story is awesome for kids and adult.

Elroy J (ag) wrote: One of denzel's best films

David D (ru) wrote: While the cast headed by Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Denise Richards and Doris Roberts with a special appearance by Tom Arnold are great, Madea's Witness Protection ultimately is not funny and not worth seeing thanks to its terrible idea, a bad story, a script that doesn't work and is full of crappy dialogue except for one funny line and an okay pace and flow.

Trey B (es) wrote: The best x-men film in the franchise! Also QUICKSILVER!