Milo, an isolated 10-year-old boy with 'sensitive skin', lives a life rigidly controlled by his father. Sparked by his first friendship, he runs away from home to attend the school camping trip - but never arrives. He falls into the hands of an ageing criminal couple, with whom he enjoys pure freedom from constraint - until he learns the shocking truth about his skin condition. Filled with doubt about his father's love for him, Milo must try to come to terms with who he really is.

Milo, an isolated 10-year-old boy with 'sensitive skin', lives a life rigidly controlled by his father. Sparked by his first friendship, he runs away from home to attend the school camping ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis A (de) wrote: The Worst Never Rent .... its Garbage !

Gandalf T (kr) wrote: Jesus christ, did this suck alot! I think Iskanov could do some really good movies, since this is an imprresive production done on a very low budget. However, this movie was so long it made me angry. And even though it can be blamed on the budget, a lot of this movie just doesn't look like I think the place looked. If you feel like watching ridicoulus gore mixed with some documentary comments served in a way too ambitious, artsy package, well then this movie is for you.If you are curious about the facts and how it looked, do a google image search.

James R (ca) wrote: A black man goes to the Three Nations Indian Reservation to teach English and is soon given the girls basketball coaching job. The team is in bad shape and a non Indian coaching really makes for lots of conflicts and problems. Great sports movie, realistic and fun to watch. Based on a true story.

Cindy C (it) wrote: This is one of the best comedies of all time. Appropriate for all ages - including my parents. Ray Ramano is a character; as is Gene Hackman. The supporting characters are funny - and I just love the Secret Service men in the first scene that "help" the former President play golf - hahaha! This should be a rated as a classic!!

Ville P (br) wrote: Michael Ironside plays a cop Kellen O'Reilly, who has hallusinations from his past. After he stops pharmacy robbers, he starts to find truth about his past. Lisa Langlois plays attourney and love interest, Stefan Woodoslawksy plays partner of Kellen, who is concerned of is partner, Sean McCann plays the psychotic agent on the pursuit and Christopher Plummer is the doctor behind it all. Ironside gives good performance against his style as a good cop who has torubles.

Anna B (br) wrote: Didn't really enjoy this much, up until the beautiful ending which kind of put everything in a different light. I suspect this will work a lot better with a re-watch (though that's unlikely to happen any time soon).

Gordon T (gb) wrote: Right, "A fun movie about teenage revenge in high school"/ Another movie no one seems to talk about . . . CHRIS MAKEPEACE is under-recognized as a WONDERFUL actor and musician (I've seen him in MY BODYGUARD and VAMP and Chris Makepeace is listed in the credits of KISS MUSIC FROM THE ELDER). Its been about fifteen years since I've seen this one; but its good. and directed by Tony Bill (who starred as Frank Sinatra's brother in Come Blow your Horn and as Andrew McCarthy's father in LESS THAN ZERO) . . . so that this is worthwhile reading here's the plot from wikipedia . . . (seldom do I just like to write "Its good" or "Its bad" without a bunch of mumbo-jumbo of somekind. (you know, some reviews are 10 pages and stuff) you'd be surprised, people actually read the "10-Page reviews" funny stuff): Clifford Peache (Chris Makepeace) lives in a fancy Chicago hotel with his father (Martin Mull), who manages the hotel, and his wildly eccentric but loving grandmother (Ruth Gordon). Clifford spends his nights with his family relaxing on the roof garden and spying on the neighbors through a telescope. He is the new kid at Lake View High School, where he arrives in a hotel limousine. Clifford soon becomes a target of abuse from school bully, Melvin Moody (Matt Dillon). Moody and his gang of thugs (Dubrow, Koontz, and Hightower) regularly terrorize and extort lunch money from other students, allegedly to protect them from school outcast, Ricky Linderman (Adam Baldwin). According to school legend, Ricky has killed several people, including his own little brother, but a teacher tells Clifford that the only violence in Ricky's past occurred when his younger brother died accidentally while playing with a gun. When Clifford asks Ricky to be his bodyguard, he initially refuses, but the boys soon become friends after Ricky saves Clifford from a beating by Moody and his gang. A reluctant friend, Ricky naturally distances himself as he silently deals with emotional issues over the death of his 9-year-old brother a year earlier. The relationship between Clifford and Ricky is rocky at first, until Ricky takes Clifford under his wing. Possibly a project for healing, Ricky has been rebuilding a motorcycle that he cherishes. The friendship between the two boys is strengthened as Clifford helps Ricky search junkyards for a hard-to-find part for the motorcycle's engine. Later, as Clifford, Ricky and some of their friends, including a fellow victim, Carson (Paul Quandt), and Clifford's crush, Shelley (Joan Cusack), eat lunch at a local park, Moody and his gang approach them. Moody has enlisted the help of an older bodybuilder named Mike (Hank Salas), whom he announces is his bodyguard. During a showdown at a public park, Mike physically abuses Ricky and damages his motorcycle before Moody pushes it into the lake. Ricky runs away in a fury, and later shows up at Clifford's apartment to ask for money, ostensibly to pay for a tow/lake extraction for the motorcycle. Feeling used, Clifford follows him and the two argue before Ricky reveals to Clifford that he accidentally shot his brother while babysitting him at home. His guilt is overwhelming, but he later gathers the strength to fight back as Cliff, Moody, Mike and Ricky meet again at the park for a final showdown. Once they get to the park, Moody approaches Ricky and says that Ricky's bike now belongs to him. When Ricky refuses, Moody calls over Mike and the two begin to fight. After Ricky starts to win against Mike, Moody jumps on Ricky's back. Clifford eventually musters up the courage to fight Moody himself and takes Moody off of Ricky's back; the two fight their own battle. Eventually, Ricky knocks out Mike and then turns his attention to Moody. But instead of fighting Clifford's battle for him, he lets Clifford fight Moody himself while giving him advice. Clifford eventually gets the better of Moody, and the movie ends with Ricky jokingly asking Clifford to be his bodyguard. screenplay by Alan Ormbsy of CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS acclaim. this film cost 1.7 million to make and grossed 22 MILLION DOLLARS . . . someone is RICH . . . I'm surprised they didn't make 10 sequels.

William K (ru) wrote: A criminally misconstrued, now altogether forgotten, film from "Bloody" Sam Peckinpah.

John M (nl) wrote: A classic! Ray Milland plays a Bad Ass Dad out to save his family, at all costs. Good movie.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: A film which resulted in angry parental complaints because, alongside Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, was too dark for its PG rating (and thus resulting in the MPAA giving birth to the PG-13 rating), Gremlins is nevertheless a classic thanks in large part to its special effects, adorable creature which goes by the name of Gizmo, great mix of fantasy, horror and comedy and a compelling story that ought to entertain audiences of at least ages 11 and up.

Derek B (ca) wrote: This is a solid movie. For a western, it has a very definitive statement or two in it. A lot of folks haven't liked it, but I think they're looking for the modern blow-your-hair-back films. They're wrong. Give this a shot; I was pleasantly surprised.