In an attempt to abandon their well-practiced social constructs, a group of friends test the limits of monogamy, friendship, betrayal, and freedom.

In an attempt to abandon their well-practiced social constructs| a group of friends test the limits of monogamy| friendship| betrayal| and freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (nl) wrote: 161203: This movie suffers from a slow pace. There has just been too many of these video camera movies since The Blair Witch Project (1999). This one has it moments but just drags too much. Further, it seems rather rudderless and the distorted camera can be annoying. Anticipating V/H/S 2 because supposedly it's better.

Leonard D (br) wrote: Heh, a promising action film, but makes me less interested in giving it a watch, no thanks to the reappearance of annoying characters!

Brett T (nl) wrote: There in fact is NO debate on Global Warming, if you think there is a debate on Global Warming you seriously need to look at the facts on it. Where the debate is and always has been is on whether or not our actions and lifestyles as Man are having an increasing or adverse effect of the ALREADY occurring Global Warming. Hence why you are beginning to see the use of "man-made global warming." It is extremely important not to get the two confused.

Anna C (es) wrote: Please don't call it horror.... it was so predictable and obvious.... and there were so many holes in the script that I just feel like I want to punch the director and the writer in their faces!

Andy G (mx) wrote: 22 bullets is in decent action movie felt a guy seeking revenge for being shot in a parking lot are they all like 22 bullets in the gun play mean old guys that were involved in the shooting . Jeno Reno is ok in it. B- (2013)

magii (ag) wrote: i liked the animation~~but that's pretty much all i liked about it xD

Zack P (br) wrote: A highly entertaining and interesting look into the casting process of professional productions.

J A (mx) wrote: Onderwerp > documentaire.

Claire B (es) wrote: It was fun, but not Lou Taylor Pucci's best work (or choice of work, for that matter.) A few 'famous' actors in this but it was mainly all mediocre acting. I laughed out loud once, and seeing as it's a comedy, I think there might be a problem.

Looly W (br) wrote: ..I loved it, SO funny. You really have to see it...

Fredrik S (us) wrote: A quiet, evocative slice-of-life non-story without starting point or end in a classical sense. Told in a slow rhythm, which is almost hypnotic, giving no explanations and simply rolling along it feels very much like life itself.

Max P (ag) wrote: must see za nau?it' nastanak nekih bendova i sli?no, interesantno snimljeno, dobra ekipa

Aaron B (kr) wrote: Interesting story, but it takes too long to get to the point.

Private U (nl) wrote: A great caper comedy. Great cast.

Greg B (ag) wrote: Ella Raines is a dish...and there's some good action and funny lines, but the plot doesn't make a whole lot sense.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: I don't think your heart is in this.Martin Bristol is a six year old in his back yard swinging when he is abducted by a serial killer. The serial killer makes Martin watch him torturing victims while caged in his cellar. Some years later, Martin seems to be growing more mature, sexually interested, and ready to join the fracas. An interesting girl is captured one day that makes Martin choosing a direction difficult."Something out lives its gets discarded."Stevan Mena, director of Malevolence and Brutal Massacre, delivers Bereavement. The storyline for this picture is just okay and contains a run of the mill slasher plot. The kill scenes were okay and the character development was nothing special. I also thought the dialogue was mediocre. The cast delivers average performances and includes Michael Biehn, Alexandra Daddario, Brett Rickaby, and Peyton List. "The path to redemption begins with forgiveness."The Bereavement is a movie that was recommended to me by another RottenTomatoes reviewer. I was a little disappointed by this picture. I thought it may have some unique and fascinating kill sequences; unfortunately, this film is a below par horror picture. I found this to feel like a made for television horror movie. Overall, I recommend skipping this picture."Martin can't tell when something hurts."Grade: D

Catinca C (es) wrote: Somehow wanted to love this movie more than I did; Portman does an excellent portrait of young-rebel-dishevelled-arguably-psychotic predator, while Judd tries for the yellow-belly misunderstood writer. Clive Owen is marvellous, also liked Julia Roberst as the mature-instable-be-as-it-may artist. Overall, this probably works better in the settings of a play, where the characters really can take centre-stage positions and amaze you.

Cameron J (jp) wrote: One of the most haunting movies you will ever see. The pacing is calm and meandering, allowing us to experience the events as they happen without manipulating us, urging us, or persuading us. It's as close to a documentary a fiction film can get without being a mockumentary.