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Mima torrent reviews

Ole J (br) wrote: I had hoped for more, but it never came, this is a bit too juvenile and unrealistic, it does have some funny moments and some good characters, but the story doesn't really stick.

Melanie A (ag) wrote: a surprisingly good film

Hama B (mx) wrote: this movie is so bad , it's good , Man !

Paul D (it) wrote: Entertaining heist thriller with a heavy romantic element that doesn't get in the way of the action.

Stig H (de) wrote: Max Von Sydow rules!

Joseph S (us) wrote: David Mamet is an insanely great writer and one hell of a director.

Dean K (ru) wrote: Another airport disaster film, if I remember right this was interesting as it dealt with a plane that had crashed and was deep underwater in the ocean. Quite an intriguing film as they try to problem solve how to save the passengers.

Dax D (nl) wrote: A good concept, minus a few plot holes. Could've been great, but it feels slightly bloated and slow. Good dialog and a nice gimmick, using repetition to unnerve the viewer.

Alex W (es) wrote: This film is done on a scale that is more grand and science fiction then most films from the time. There is a ton of production value behind this movie and it shows. It has one of the most attention grabbing and intriguing openings to a film you will ever see. It's so good you could almost make a movie off of that alone. It's the kind of movie that keeps you guessing at the truth, or if the truth really matters. It also caused many internal debates when I put myself in the main character or other passenger's situations. I would also call this movie very prophetic, in a time long before the atomic bomb part of this films message feels right at home with many of the 60's and 70's films about fear of nuclear holocaust. All of these elements and topics I find very intriguing personally so I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. With so many interesting political, social and philosophical questions and it one great concept I found myself thinking about this film for days, one of the biggest signs of a good movie. I am still not sure what decision I would make if I were in the characters shoes. If this film does have a problem it's that the female lead is an over the top helpless emotional caricature. This film definitely had an influence on some later films (logans run, solaris, inception, the beach) and tv shows (lost, the prisoner, star trek). I guess the book deserves most of the credit for being so ahead of its time although I am not sure how closely the movie follows it.

Steven V (ca) wrote: Kingsman is awesome! This fun and inventive spy movie is truly entertaining. Taron Egerton, you have my attention. Matthew Vaughn's British/007 spy satire truly delivers a fun experience with fun characters, action and quips. Although, the anti-climactic ending leaves some things unresolved, and a few of the jokes fell flat. Overall, this is one of the best non-007/Bourne/Mission Impossible spy movies ever!

Nicolas K (kr) wrote: Have not seen any of the previous film of Lenny Abrahamson, or seen Jack Reynor acting before, but having watched 'What Richard Did' I will be looking out for the follow up work of both of them. From the wonderful character description and built up, to the gut wrenching second part of the film, this is a gripping study of a young man's moral code which is challenged on the face of adversity.