Min and Bill

Min and Bill

Min, the owner of a dockside hotel, is forced to make difficult decisions about the future of Nancy, the young woman she took in as an infant

Min, the owner of a dockside hotel, is forced to make difficult decisions about the future of Nancy, the young woman she took in as an infant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John C (nl) wrote: Really smart people talking about scary things. Only Herzog could have made this movie. (8-28-16)

Garry J (ru) wrote: Had absolutely no idea that ordinary people fought so hard to stop the AIDS epidemic. Truly the unsung heroes.

Matthew E (mx) wrote: I have seen Lincoln by Spielberg and Saving Lincoln by Litvak and found the Litvak movie a great deal more emotionally affecting. It is extremely creative in adapting the live action to original photographs rather than the reverse. It is more like a play with sensational sets and effects than a movie with limited sets. This kind of movie will hopefully be the future of the industry. If you can entertain, move and enlighten an audience for an hour and a half for under a million dollars and accomplish no more at over 100 million dollars then which is better entertainment or for that matter art? The professional critics are living in the past. See this movie.

Hunter M (au) wrote: As lacrosse becomes an always growing sport, the need for a movie to bring attention to it was desperately needed. Crooked Arrows does a good job of showing the audience the history and the tradition of the sport, but lacks in a sound plot and strong characters. The underdog story of the less equipped Native American team against the private schools, seems like too predictable of an outcome. Although the moves and dodges the teams perform are exciting, the movie's games seem to miss showing the fast pace of a real lacrosse game. The acting talent of the team and coaches just make the movie seem to go even slower. It has its comedic moments but they seem forced and played only for laughs.

Stefan P (nl) wrote: Hendrix es un pequeo de 7 aos quien despus de haber sido abandonado consecutivamente por su madre adicta a las drogas es rescatado por una amiga suya y es encargado a una pareja homosexual. Es una pelcula decidida a romper paradigmas mostrando la temtica que desarrolla de una manera realista y directa. La trama y personajes estn bien desarrollados, tiene un buen guin, un humor mexicano que no poda faltar, la carga emocional es un hilo conductor importante y tiene sobretodo una intencin. Mas que aceptar o no a los homosexuales, hace reflexionar sobre la igualdad y el amor. Cuando alguien recibe amor no importa de quien provenga.

Robyn M (it) wrote: "Pedro Almadovar and Penelope Cruz are magnificent, riveting and never cease to push the envelopes of filmmaking."Broken Embraces is best viewed without reading the legend while keeping an openmind and plenty of patiences. The film moves like a person would hiking, slowly working its way to a climax and downwards suddenly and without warning. The classic chic of the fashion and backdrops seduces you to pine over Barcelona surrounding areas of Spains lush and goregous seasside shores.

Gabby N (nl) wrote: possibly the worst film i've ever seen

Michael T (br) wrote: Darkly Humorous.Comic Style Violence.Brick Meets Battle Royale.Very Watchable.

Rasheed T (ca) wrote: A good idea that turns better once it creates progress!

Marwa E (it) wrote: boring actually, didn't enjoy it at all

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Comedy Kung-fu, ninja kids cper

Gordon B (ru) wrote: Good bad movies like this are tough to review. Class of 84 is a 'high school from hell' flick that's way to ridiculous & reactionary to be a good movie, but it's so over the top that it ends up being kind of a funny one

Emily B (jp) wrote: An early Merchant/Ivory film featuring the real life Kendal family (including a very young Felicity) as members of a traveling Shakespeare company in post-independance India. Rather enjoyable with nice cinematography and a stealing performance from Madhur Jaffrey as the Bollywood Queen though the ending felt a little rushed and dissatisfying.

Jesse V (fr) wrote: Very good, complex, action movie.