Min bedstefar er en stok

Min bedstefar er en stok


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Min bedstefar er en stok torrent reviews

Amit K (us) wrote: Very nice love story.

Samantha L (de) wrote: Really cute movie. I was surprised to see Christy Carlson Romano in it. I actually didn't recognize her at first. I wasn't expecting much from Daniella Monet acting wise. I remember seeing her on Zoey 101 and she sucked but she wasn't that bad in the movie. The movie in the beginning kinda sucked a bit. It was really cheesy but then towards the middle/end it got a lot better and much more interesting. What also made the movie better was Marcus T. Paulk, his characters are always very humorous. Also the fake band in the movie is The Click Five. I had no idea until I read some of the other comments on the movie. I loved the song "Kidnap My Heart" the version at the end of the movie not in the beginning. But anyways overall its a feel good movie.

Atle B (mx) wrote: Borderline boring...

Lonnie A (ca) wrote: A fun independent film that's really humorous.

Jessica H (au) wrote: An unnecessary worm covered in cheese.

Shahrukh khan is da best S (ag) wrote: I liked the story......it was also very funny

Brian P (br) wrote: Really the same set-up as the original but it takes place in the groovy 70s. The movie itself is a let more dark and that someone was watching the original movie on TV was a "Huh" moment. OK for what it was.

Stuart M (us) wrote: The best of the early, Balck & White Carry Ons, very little sauce, but still a great film. Ding Dong, you're not wrong!