Min store tjocke far

Min store tjocke far

Summer of 1959. 11-year old Osvald spend his summer holiday with his parents in the countryside of Södermanland. His father has promised to play soccer with him and get some exercise. He ...

Summer of 1959. 11-year old Osvald spend his summer holiday with his parents in the countryside of Södermanland. His father has promised to play soccer with him and get some exercise. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cooper H (nl) wrote: Another run of the mill sports movie that's final moment is never really earned. The faith based movie does not focus very hard on that aspect and seems shoehorned in the movie.

Greg S (gb) wrote: Observing that all his neighbors have swimming pools, an indefatigably cheerful man out for a morning jog decides to "swim" his way home; at each stop he talks to a new neighbor, slowly painting a picture of his life. Based on a John Cheever short story, this odd concept works surprisingly well as both a suburban satire and (thanks to an excellent performance by Burt Lancaster) a touching character study of a man who doesn't realize the American dream has passed him by.

alex t (kr) wrote: It showed how a good tough love teacher works. She teaches firmly and the students know that she will give everything and expect that they do their best. When they did what they were supposed she was very nice but if you did something wrong because of ignorance or lack of trying she will be mad and disappointed at you.

Davey W (nl) wrote: Oh dear lord...... Denise Richards, what have they done to you? Ok.. So you were never THAT good but this shit? COME ON!!

Tyler D (de) wrote: A decent romantic comedy.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: Incredibly stupid and usually boring. Full review later.

Miguel R (au) wrote: While it features great visuals, Mission to Mars is a badly crafted sci-fi picture with a cheap script and bad acting

bill s (es) wrote: A forgotten gem in the Lumet stable......fine morality play.

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Interesante premisa de una de las primeras peliculas de Soderbergh .La pelicula trata sobre eso sexo, mentiras y un James Spader que graba las obsesiones e intimidades sexuales de sus protagonistas. Excelentes Andie McDowell y una llittle pervert Laura San Giacomo.

Shruthi M (au) wrote: my all time fav movie......

Eric H (jp) wrote: Have a good time while watching it. It has some good slapstick and a good performance by George Burns. So enjoy.

Abhishek S (br) wrote: Anand is dying, Is he really!Watch Rajesh khanna's performance.My most favorite movie.

Gary S (jp) wrote: Based on the tv soap. If you loved the tv soap then you'll love this version of the movie.

Ryan M (de) wrote: [b]Destination Moon (1950)[/b] [b]B[/b] [b]Not Rated[/b] [b]Starring [/b]John Archer, Warner Anderson, Dick Wesson, Tom Powers[b]Directed by [/b]Irving Piechel[b]Music by [/b]Leith Stevens[b]Screenplay by [/b]Robert A. Heinlein, Alford Van Ronkel, James O' Hanlan[b]Produced by [/b]George Pal [b]Academy Awards 1950[/b][b]Won:[/b]- Best Visual Effects[b]Nominated[/b]- Best Art Direction [b]Berlin Film International Film Festival 1950[/b][b]Won:[/b]- Best Adventure [b]Golden Globes 1950[/b][b]Nominated:[/b][b]- [/b]Best Original Score (Leith Stevens) An industrialist, a former Army general, and a research scientist begin to work on a rocketship with an atomic engine. But an enemy nation is also constructing one, who is giving the U.S. spaceship bad press. In a desperate attempt, the U.S. ship lifts off as soon as it is completed. The astronauts struggle to adjust to space life. Once they get on the moon they establish a base, all that stuff. But then they realize they're out of fuel... This is boring, lets face it. But its amazing predictions and creative cartoon make it worthwhile.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Not something that many people would of thought would be a film, The most famous American President killing vampires, Recipe for disaster you would think but no it's pretty good, Full of great action that kind of felt like 300 at times, The effects were ok, The plot was ok but nothing really new, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Maybe some humour would of helped the dark and serious tone at times as it takes itself too seriously and the acting wasn't great, but based on the action it's pretty good.

Filippo V (br) wrote: Solo il carisma di Liam Neeson salva un film come Taken, dove le scene d'azione sono talmente caotiche che fanno venire il mal di mare. La sceneggiatura piuttosto mediocre e a tratti quasi ridicola, con dialoghi veramente di basso livello e scene incoerenti e poco realistiche. Il montaggio la parte peggiore del film, troppo repentino e veloce, lontanissimo dagli spettacolari tagli che hanno reso famosa la trilogia di Jason Bourne. Nonostante un mare di difetti, spegnendo il cervello si riesce ad apprezzare il film per quello che , semplice e puro divertimento da pop corn.